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Encore – A Taste of Southern Thanksgiving – Pecan Pie

When most people think of a Thanksgiving pie they automatically think pumpkin. But in my family it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Pecan Pie:) Read more

Pumpkins At The Center

How about using a pumpkin as your Thanksgiving table centerpiece?  Here are some fun ways to use them :-) Read more

You’ve Got A Place At The Table

We think a place card of any kind sends the message “We planned on you coming to join us. We’re glad you are here!” We’ve got some creative ways to send that message :-)

Read more

Yes, Write It Down!


 Photo courtesy of


As we mentioned yesterday, we found this great idea and wanted to share it with you, our chums! Read more

Write It Down!

We just saw this wonderful idea and wanted to share it with all of you, our chums! Read more

Mortimer or Mickey?


We all know him as Mickey but has he always been  known by that name? Read more

Live By Them!


We are so excited to share these wonderful quotes from well-known children’s books!   Read more

Encore – Gratitude Will Turn Your Life Around!

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, there could hardly be a more perfect book to read or give as a gift.  If you  don’t have a copy, or haven’t read it yet, get a copy as soon as possible.  If you do have the book, read it again.  The message and lesson it teaches are timeless! Read more

Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut Muffins

We told you we would be posting pumpkin recipes and cranberry recipes throughout this holiday season.  So today   Read more



Need a Christmas idea for the person who has everything?  We realize we are a little early with recommending Christmas gifts but this one may take a while to order. Read more

Great Parenting Tips


If you are a normal parent, you have found yourself regretting, at some time or another, that you have shouted at your children. Read more

God Bless America – The Rest Of The Story

flag-cIn 1939 on November 11th, Armistice Day, or what we now celebrate as Veteran’s Day, the iconic American anthem, God Bless America, was first performed by the then great radio star, Kate Smith. Read more

Jewish Penicillin – A New Twist

Chicken SoupChicken soup has long been referred to by many as Jewish penicillin. Long before the common antibiotics that are so often overused today were even in existence, there were Jewish mothers and chicken soup.  It has great curative qualities that Jewish mothers and grandmothers have used for years.  Read more

Mind Your Manners!


“Are ‘good manners’ really important?”, one might ask. Read more

Pumpkin Breakfast Smoothy

pumpkin smoothy
Why pumpkin in a breakfast smoothy? Here’s why…

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Pies for Thanksgiving!


Photograph courtesy of

We realize that it is a few weeks until Thanksgiving but we thought it might not be too early to start thinking about what you might serve or take.

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Ah ha – Thanksgiving = Cranberries


The pilgrims were introduced to the cranberry by the Native Americans and, oh, what a great introduction that was!

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Thanksgiving Table


Feel you need a new dining room table to have your family over for Thanksgiving?   Read more

Don’t Be Afraid

What is it you have been wanting to do, or try, but have let fear stop you?  What dream have you put away Read more

Encore – Happy Pumpkin Day!

Halloween may be over, but our taste for anything pumpkin lives on.  So today we have an Encore post from Halloween in 2012,  Pumpkin bread or Pumpkin cupcakes are good all Fall so get busy and enjoy some today :-) Read more

Maple Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bacon Spread

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread
It sounds like a mouthful to say, but it is even better when you get a mouth full of this yummy dip/spread! Read more

Tricks And Treats For Halloween Decor

Halloween serving idea
While your Two Chums don’t go in much for things of a really ghoulish nature, we couldn’t resist the creativity that these decor and food serving ideas represent… Read more

Apple Fritters

bowl of frittersStop whatever it is you were planning to do next and go make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and a batch of these! Read more

The Healing Power of Gratitude


As you know, your Two Chums believe deeply in the power of gratitude! Read more

Funny Monday

We think that besides starting off your week by praying, starting it off laughing will get you on course for a really great week! Read more

Encore – Comfort and Love, Joy and Abundant Living


We couldn’t think of anything better to go with the wonderful bread we shared with you yesterday, than this great comfort food we first wrote about in a post that marked our 1 year anniversary of Two Chums.  We have been visiting with you everyday for almost 3 years now and still are so grateful to each and every one of you, our chums :-) Read more

Dutch Oven French Bread

perfect loafHow could anyone resist such a treat as this?  And when you see how simple and easy this is you’ll be baking it yourself in no time! Read more

The Dutch and Their Ovens

img59oHave you ever wondered just what a Dutch oven really is, how it is supposed to be used, and if it really came from the Dutch? Read more

Fun With Pumpkins

Not all pumpkins have to be scary or even necessarily carved in a traditional way. This pumpkin owl is just one of several ideas we have for you today as a way to use this ever popular icon of the season….the pumpkin :-)

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A New Baby Is Coming!


Yes, April will mark the birth of the newest royal baby….. Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

Here are some great Savvy Secrets to help us keep our food fresh, courtesy of “Bottom Line” Read more

Encore – Tomato Bisque and Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

It is finally Fall and this is one of our favorite comfort food meals for this time of year when the weather turns cooler, so we thought it bears repeating :-) Read more

Loving Your Children And Grandchildren Well

Like everyone, we gather information and inspiration from other sources and from our own life experiences.  Usually we take the parts that pertain to a topic we are writing on and add those to other things we have gathered or experienced, and create something new, be it a recipe, a decorating or party idea, or a list of Savvy Secrets.  Today is different.  It is different because we came across something that, like Mary Poppins says of herself, is “practically perfect in every way”.  So we are offering it just as we found it. Read more

Pumpkin – Italian Style

dinner tableLasagna is one of those recipes every cook should have in her repertoire.  It always involves flat wide pasta and delicious cheeses along with yummy sauce.  But who says the sauce always has to be tomato? Read more

Forever Young!

4 princesses and a queenNo matter what your age, never EVER forget how to have fun and you will stay forever young :-) Read more



Yes!  Practice this and you will find …. Read more

Columbus Day or Thanksgiving?


In some parts of the world, it is both!

Read more

Encore – Hot Dog!


It’s that time of year.  If you are a baseball fan there are playoff games and the excitement is growing to see who will ultimately be this years National Champions.  And for football fans there are both college and professional games  on every sports channel all weekend long.  So it begs the question…what do we eat while enjoying these games and rooting our teams on?  Why HOT DOGS of course.  And not just any hot dog either…. Read more

Butter- Italian Style

Butter cover

Unless this is your first visit to Two Chums, you already know of the love affair we have with butter :-) Read more

Well Done!

Well done

This policeman really turned things around!

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We Are Reminded ……


With Canadian Thanksgiving approaching (Monday, 13 October), we are reminded …….

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The History of Aprons

One of our chums, Cindy, found this article about aprons and we thought it bears repeating, especially if you had (or are) a grandmother who wears one :-) Read more

Fall + Fun + Food = Pumpkin

It’s Fall.  Everywhere you look there are pumpkins….those iconic symbols of the season.  They are great to decorate with but equally great to eat.  So we wanted to give you some new and fun ideas about how to use pumpkins each week throughout this Fall. Read more

The Highest of Holy Days – Yom Kippur


“…In the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you shall afflict your souls, and you shall not do any work … For on that day he shall provide atonement for you to cleanse you from all your sins before the L-RD.” -Leviticus 16:29-30 Read more

Dear Chums – Needing Sweet Success

cookies rosesAs you know we love getting letters and questions from you, our chums.  We got one just the other day from a chum called Kristen wondering if we had any ideas about what to make for a fund raising bake sale.  We sure do! Read more

Well Done – Random Act of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

A chum of ours sent this to us and we felt it was a MUST to share with all of you! Read more

A Super Concept! Well Done, Sir Richard Branson!

_77805935_77805934This is not the first time we have mentioned Sir Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Airlines amongst many other things.  He certainly thinks successfully outside of the box!

Read more

Savvy Secrets for Parents

Savvy secrets photo
We can all use some good ideas to be better, more effective parents no matter at what stage our children or grandchildren are  :-) Read more

Encore – What’s for Dinner? – Spaghetti !


Coming up with ideas for dinner is one of those things that is relentless.  After all we have to eat something every night.  Having something you can make in a quantity that everyone likes and you can keep on hand to make dinner quickly on those crazy nights is genius!

Read more

Choose Red!


Don’t let this Coke can be misleading!  It is the color we are going for! Read more

The Shofar – The Sound of Rosh Hashanah

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of what is known as the “High Holidays” in Jewish life.  What you see pictured here is a shofar.  The shofar is the sound of Rosh Hashanah, a blast of horns to start the Jewish New Year, which marks the beginning of a 10-day period of prayer, self-examination and repentance. Read more

Apple Honey Cake – A Rosh Hashanah Treat

At the Jewish New Year, otherwise known as Rosh Hashanah, it is customary to eat apples dipped in honey. This is meant to evoke sweetness in the coming year. Read more

Princess Dreams – Tiny Chums

Princesses A & E
Know any little girl who needs to let her inner princess out? Read more

Why “Mayday”?


Have you ever wondered why we use the word “Mayday” when in trouble?

Read more

Encore – A Potpourri of Shortcake


Before summer is officially over we thought you might want to make these yummy tastes of summer just one more time :-) Read more

Chicken Vesuvio

Cooked chickenI like most any chicken dish.  This particular one I actually crave sometimes….it is that good! Read more

Salad Days – Oriental Chicken Salad

Oreintal Chicken salad

Everyone has had a version of this salad at one time or another…we think ours is rather tasty :-) Read more

Lemon Chicken

Lemon chickenNeed a new chicken dish?  We have one that uses simple ingredients and that is quick and easy to prepare :-)Read more

Have You Ever Wondered?


“Why?”, you might ask ….. Read more

…And Harry Gets A Dress


Today, we wish Prince Harry many happy returns as he turns thirty ……. and what do you think he gets for his birthday?! Read more

Encore – Cake Pops

CakepopWhen it comes to birthday celebrations, nothing seems more fun than pretty cake pops! Read more

Sweet Comfort

Banana Cream PieWe finish out our week with a yummy dessert that we think surely falls in the category of comfort foods…Banana Cream Pie! Read more

More Comfort

RR - sliced

We don’t know about you, but for us, a great loaf of bread is maybe the best comfort food of all.  And we have a really great loaf for you today :-)Read more

Comfort With A Surprise

M&C with bacon

Everyone knows that macaroni and cheese is one of the all time favorite comfort foods.  “What could possibly make it better?” you ask….. Read more

Is It Really True?

93097-britains-prince-william-and-catherine-duchess-of-cambridge-after-their We have heard from many tabloid sources in the past ten months that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.  Is it really true this time? Read more

Wine Left Over?


DO NOT pour it out!

Read more

Tarragon Chicken Salad

CSSweet, salty, savory, crunchy….all words that describe this classic salad…not to mention the most important word…DELICIOUS! Read more

Fall IS Coming!


When you are ready to admit that fall is coming, we found this great “door piece” to share with you. Read more

Feeling Down?


Are you questioning a lot of things?

Read more

No More Tears

onion1 You can get from this point….. Read more

Well Done – Robin Williams

We have not forgotten that today is Labor Day.  This is the day that annually we celebrate the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.  So today in celebration of this national holiday we want to highlight a story you probably have never heard about how one American made sure he used his status to bring work and well being to others… Read more

Encore – Tangle – Free, Stress – Free Mornings

41-e1376539339713As the new school year begins, every mother knows any help she can get to make mornings more calm, and easier to manage, is invaluable.  This post from last August has been by far one of our most popular on Pinterest.  So we thought it was worth an Encore :-) Read more

Rise and Shine – Swedish Pancakes

Jelly Pancakes - RolledOne of the best things about the weekend is the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch :-) Read more

Salad Days – Chopped Salad With Shrimp

IMG_5993 Summer may be coming to an end soon, but the desire for a great salad is strong in any season … Read more

Guess Who!


Who do you think this is? Read more

Happiness Is …..


Unknown….. a choice!

Read more

Well Done! – An Important Letter


Your Two Chums came across this wonderful letter that a mother wrote to her son, Chase, just before the school year started.  Read more

Encore – Need a New Look? Spray Paint!


As the start of the school year approaches it always feels like new beginnings are on the horizon not only for our children but for each of us.  New clothes for school, new schedules, and new friends to be made. With all the “newness”  the beginning of the school year brings it is a good idea to freshen up our homes and surrounding too.  Without costing a lot we can make some quick improvements and give  some  “newness” to that place we call home :-) Read more

Two Chums – Tiny Chums

4 Mermids on a wallIf you know a little one who would LOVE to be a mermaid we have great news for you! Read more

A Great Role Model




This, ladies and gentlemen, is what it’s all about. Read more

Neatness Counts

Towels hangingI admit it…I love things that are neat and tidy… Read more

Sweet and Blue – Blueberry That Is!

BB piece

Blueberries are sweet and ripe this time of year, and plentiful.  Here is a cool, creamy and crunchy way to enjoy them :-) Read more

Catherine Middleton Facts


Although once known as a commoner, The Duchess of Cambridge, nee Catherine Middleton, is now a household name.  Here are some fun facts.

Read more

Encore – Minny’s Chocolate Pie

Last week we did an Encore of our favorite chocolate cake recipe, so we figured this week we would would give equal time to chocolate pie…and not just any old chocolate pie.  This is Minny’s Chocolate Pie! Read more


This week, a classy lady passed on …….. Read more

A Heart For Helping


Not surprisingly, Prince William has a heart for people! Read more

Try This!


Read more

Empanadas – Savory Hand Pies

Meat pies

These little gems are easy to make and delicious to eat…..a winning combination! Read more

More Great Advice!


Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, demands greatness from us all! Read more

Encore -The Perfect Chocolate Cake

chocolate-cake-lazy-womans-I  give you, again, this post with the recipe for The Perfect Chocolate Cake.  If it were not for my sweet husband, Randy, whose birthday just happens to be today, this story and more importantly, this perfectly delicious chocolate cake recipe, would never have appeared on Two Chums.  Happy Birthday honey and thank you for being so persistent in wanting me to find just the “right” recipe :-)  Aren’t I lucky that even before I found this recipe that I love, I first found just the “right”guy to love:-)

So here it is as it first appeared on Two Chums in February of 2012. This is the story of how it is that I came to have the recipe for The Perfect Chocolate CakeRead more

Italian Delight – Amaretti

Espresso and amaretti
These classic Italian cookies have a crunchy exterior and a lightly chewy interior and a really yummy almond flavor.  And they have the added benefit of being gluten-free! Read more

We Are All Very Rich!


Can you count that high? Read more

Celebrating In Style – Origami Party Hats

Party HatWant to really celebrate in style?  Make these fun and festive party hats!  Here’s a photo step by step instruction for this party project :-) Read more

One Hundred Years Ago


One hundred years ago yesterday….. Read more

God Said, “No”

Our chum Wendy sent this to us. As you begin your week, you may be asking God for help but are you asking for the right things? Read more

Encore – Hospitality, Being Company Ready


When we originally shared this post it was to help you get your guest room ready for company at the holidays when family members tend to visit.  But the month of August is also known for being the month of visits from family and friends on a summer holiday.  Here are our best tips for getting your  guest room company ready :-) Read more

Tiny Chums – Fairies And Tea Parties

1- Tea Party What a lovely way to spend some happy time with your little ones! Read more

A Challenge


Your Two Chums are going to give you a challenge today! Read more

Ponderable Points


Thanks to Mental Floss, we found these fun and interesting facts! Read more

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