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Super Advice!

1528625_708032462568060_4653914295868356681_n AMAZING! Read more

Savvy Secret – Clever Packing For Children

Savvy secrets photo Need a clever way to pack an extra set of clothes for your kids…we’ve got that! Read more

Encore – A Summer Savvy Secret

Savvy secrets photoThis one Savvy Secret alone, which appeared in a post in 2012, has made our summer beach excursions soooo much nicer! Read more

Cause For Great Celebration!


Yes, it is cause for ENORMOUS celebration! Read more

Well Done – I Will Rejoice!

10524618_10152284770307569_7518984384785500516_nA week ago today, Kay Warren, the wife of noted pastor and author of the best seller, The Purpose Driven Life, wrote a very powerful and unexpected message on joy.  It also happened to be the anniversary of the birth of her youngest son who tragically took his own life just last year.

Read more

Sweet Peanut Butter Gems

Peanut Butter Dreams

Peanut Butter and Chocolate…..need we say more?

Read more

Another Touching Letter


When President Lincoln was shot, Mary Todd Lincoln received this letter from Queen Victoria. Read more

Happy 1st Birthday Little Prince!

Happy-Birthday-Royal-Baby-cover1Today marks the first birthday of His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. Read more

It’s Ooey, It’s Gooey – It’s Oobleck!

670px-Make-Oobleck-Step-4 It’s just about that time.  You know what we mean…it’s the middle of summer, kids are getting a little bored and maybe you and your children could use a fun project that is easy to do, cheap to make and will keep them entertained all afternoon.  We’ve got just the thing :-) Read more

Encore – The Little Black Dress and A Strand of Pearls

Summertime always seems to bring a flood of parties and social opportunities.  Sometimes they are casual, sometimes formal but sometimes we aren’t sure what our attire should be.  Enter Coco Chanel and her fashion wisdom.

No matter what your style is, there are two things that are timeless ~ the “little black dress” and pearls. Read more

We Are ALL Creative!


                                                                                                          Courtesy of

Yes!  We re ALL creative….and if you believe that you are not creative, take a look at what these well-known people have to say about it! Read more

Look Up From Your Phone

Mobile devices
In an effort to live up to our mantra of love, joy and abundant living, we wanted to share this video that we think has some really good points to make for any of us who has a cell phone, tablet and/or computer….so basically ALL of us! Read more

Touched By A Letter



                                                    Pages 1 and 3 of letter – please see below for type written version of the whole letter

How touching a hand written letter, such as this, is! Read more

Homemade Fresh and Clean- Dryer Sheets

UnknownYou can make your own dryer sheets in a snap and for next to nothing…here’s how :-) Read more

Vive La France! – French Macarons

Box of macaronsToday is Bastille Day. All over France there are celebrations going on.  There is a parade down the Champs-Élysées in the morning and fireworks over the Eiffel Tower at night. Read more

Encore – A 50/50 Ice Cream Dream Come True

If you grew up in the Baby Boomer era you no doubt remember that consummate icon of summer ….the Good Humor Ice Cream truck. Read more

Brie Baked In Puff Pastry – Ooh La La!

Brie - cover photo

If your mouth isn’t watering already, it will be once you taste this! Read more

Have You Ever Felt Maligned?


Courtesy of

Remember this because …………

Read more

They Got It Right!


Yes, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie certainly had great wardrobe picks last week! Read more

Salad Days – Panzanella

Panzanella Salad
Salad made from bread?  It may sound odd but the taste is satisfying and delicious! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Coffee Filters

Savvy secrets photo Who knew there were SO many uses around the house for the humble coffee filter?  We have a list we think you’ll be glad to have :-) Read more

Encore – The Bees Know

800px-watermelons-e1340785015480Ever since this post was first published we have had people ask again and again “Does that bee sting thing REALLY work for picking watermelons?”…The answer is
Read more

She’s A Grand Old Flag – Happy 4th of July!

She is indeed A Grand Old Flag!  This song like so many others embolden our national pride. Every July 4th, since our children were very small, as we watch the fireworks show we burst into patriotic songs :-) Read more

Sparkle Through Life!

10406796_790342837666012_4388826530941308913_nYes, go stun the world! Read more

“Just A Family Wedding”

Royal Wedding - Carriage Procession To Buckingham Palace And Departures

As time led up to the wedding of Catherine and William, the Middleton family, according to Pippa, viewed it as “just a family wedding with all the family members doing their bit”. Read more

All Kinds Of Red, White and Blue!

raspberry-peach-blueberry-e1340952761488We have some fun and delicious ideas for your Independence Day celebration! Read more

Dear Chums – How Do I Strip?

Dear Chums
“Dear Chums,

We recently moved into a new home where every room (and some ceilings) are covered
in wallpaper. Read more

Encore – Classic Quiche


This past week we had house guests and that led to making special breakfasts each morning and one of my favorite dishes…Classic Quiche.  I have made this so many times I have lost count.  We never seem to tire of it and it is one of the most requested in my repertoire of recipes.  You won’t be disappointed if you try it.  It is even good reheated the next day should you happen to have any left over.  For all those reasons it is this week’s Encore post.  Bon Appetit! Read more

A Very Good Start

bacon  hors d'ouevres
These little appetizers are creamy, crunchy, sweet and salty and just a little spicy.  Oh and did we mention… Read more

If Life Gives You Lemons…

Lemon Cake up close

You can make Lemonade or you can make Lemon Pound Cake :-) Read more

The Challenge Becomes Golden!



Read more

Peter Piper And The Pickles

pickles and peppers   Do you remember that old children’s rhyme, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers”?  Well Peter isn’t the only one with pickles and pickled peppers :-) Read more

…And They’re Off!

o-ROYAL-ASCOT-facebookWe could not let this time go by without mentioning a wonderfully exciting activity that takes place in England every year at about this time.

Read more

Encore – Carnations

baby carriage carnations Just last week I had a baby shower for a sweet friend who is having a baby girl in a couple of weeks.  What was the flower of choice for the centerpieces?…Yes that’s right…carnations.  One of the first posts we did here on Two Chums in March 2012 was about the virtues of, and our love for, carnations.  Using them at the shower last week reminded me that it was time to sing their praises again :-)





Read more

Staying Present

This is the season of graduations, showers, weddings, and then there are birthdays to celebrate all year long. Read more

Dear Chums – What Meal Should I Take?

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

I have offered to take dinner to a friend in need.  She has a family of four (including two toddlers). Read more

Salad Days – Breakfast Gone Green

Eggs on Spinach We could all use more greens in our diet, right?  Why wait for lunch or dinner?  A “green” breakfast can be delicious! Read more

Extra, Extra, Read All About It


The Duchess of Cambridge visits her elementary school, St. Andrews in Pangbourne, Berkshire (2012)

Apparently, Catherine Middleton at the age of about 12, whilst attending St Andrew’s School in Berkshire, England, starred in a the play “My Fair Lady” as Eliza Doolittle. Read more

Silver Paper


Ever wonder why, when you go to get some silver foil paper, the whole roll falls out of the box? Read more

Dad, Daddy, Father, Papa, Pop

dad-daughter-130613No matter what you call him, today is his day.  Whether you are a father, are married to a father, or have Read more

Encore – No “Fly” Zone

clove-studded-lemon-e1374398646315Many of you will be eating outside tomorrow for Father’s Day so with that in mind and Summer coming and lots of outdoor dining ahead this seemed the perfect time for this Encore.  After all, no matter who else is on your guest list NOBODY invited the flies!

According to Wikipedia: “A no-fly zone is a territory or an area over which aircraft are not permitted to fly.” We aren’t referring to that no fly zone. According to your Two Chums “A no-fly zone is a territory or an area over which flies are not permitted to fly.” Read more

Sweet And Spicy Popcorn – A Treat For Dad

popcornWhen you asked them what an ideal afternoon would look like, many men would say that it involves getting comfortable in their favorite chair, flipping on the TV to watch their favorite team, with some great snacks close by.  We can’t help you with the rest but we’ve got a great snack you can make for dad on his day :-) Read more

Savvy Secrets – Bananas

Savvy secrets photoYou don’t want to miss these savvy secrets!
Read more

Dear Chums – What Should I Wear?

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

When I get an invitation, I have a really hard time knowing what I should wear.” Read more

Who is Prince Harry With Now?


Who is this very distinguished lady with Prince Harry?  Never has she looked so lovely. Read more

Encore – Fresh Freezer Jam

strawberry jamWhen we began this blog a little over 2 years ago one of the first posts we did was on Freezer Jam.  It happened to be raspberry, but you can just as easily use strawberries. Read more

Another D-Day Remembrance

A few days ago we received a moving email along with photos from a chum who had obviously received it from another chum.  Before the day is over we decided that though we never do more than one post a day, the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the sacrifice and bravery shown at the beaches of Normandy on D-Day , called for us to share this with you.   Read more

A Celebration of D-Day in Normandy


The Queen and Prince Philip, along with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge took a trip across the English Channel to participate in D-Day celebrations in Normandy today. Read more

Cast Iron – The Original Nonstick Cookware

bacon in panIf you have never used cast iron cookware you are in for a treat! Read more

Salad Days – Fruity Spinach Salad


This is a salad that gives you leafy greens, fresh and dried fruit, nuts if you want them, and protein from lean chicken.  Oh, and did we mention that it is DELICIOUS too? Read more

Denzel Washington – Well Done!

Recently Academy Award winner, Denzel Washington, gave a group of young actors some great advice and encouragement.  Someone in the audience captured it on video.  It is wisdom we can all benefit from. Read more

Dear Chums – Hanging Art…..How High?

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

We have just painted our living room and are now ready to hang some art.  People have differing opinions on how high art should be.” Read more


en·core – (ahng-kawr) any repeated or additional performance or appearance

Your Two Chums have talked about bringing you some repeat presentations of things we have done in the past in what we will call Encore posts.  Since we do new posts Monday through Friday each week, Saturday seemed like the perfect time for this.  For those of you who may have joined our Two Chums family in more recent months it will give you a chance to see them for the first time, and for our old chums, it can be a fun reminder of an old favorite.

Carrot Cake is Jackie’s favorite and since tomorrow is her birthday this seemed the perfect time to begin with that as our first Encore post…HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear chum!  Please join me in celebrating her:-)


Read more

Creamy Chipotle Taco Dip

coverThis could be the star of your next party :-) Read more

Savvy Secrets – Ice Cubes!

Savvy secrets photo

Who knew that there could be so many great uses for ice cubes? Read more

Pope Francis – Well Done!

Pope Francis touches the wall that divides Israel from the West Bank in the West Bank city of BethlehemOn Sunday, during his sermon at mass, Pope Francis made an historic invitation. Read more

Dear Chums – How Do I Make Cords Attractive?

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

I just added a lamp to a table and the only way to plug it in is to have a cord hanging down the side of the table”. Read more

In Celebration of Memorial Day – Well Done!

usa-memorial-dayToday, Memorial Day,  we remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Read more

Red, White, and Blue Potato Salad

2 shot potato saladThis is a new twist on an old favorite! Read more

Happy Anniversary To My Chums


Today happens to be the 21st anniversary of the day Read more

Well Done- Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock of Blindside movie fame, surprised, or one might say “blindsided” graduating high school students on Monday when she gave this commencement speech: Read more

Nova Scotia Here They Come!


HRH The Prince of Wales and his wife, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Sunday and were greeted by masses of Canadians! Read more

Chewy Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies
If you like Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies and want to avoid gluten and dairy, you might have a new favorite with these! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Club Soda/Seltzer


Savvy secrets photoHave a bottle of club soda or seltzer in the fridge?  Good! Read more

This Little Piggy

This adorable cake sold at a FFA auction last night.  In case you are unfamiliar FFA stands for Read more

This Says It All!


Snoopy and Peanuts have the best idea! Read more

Climb Ev’ry Mountain – Press On!

577723_546378065385126_307116452_n Then…. and now!   The original cast of the wonderful Rodgers and Hammerstein production, The Sound of Music. Read more

Artichokes – A Fun Food!

When is the last time you made an artichoke for dinner? Read more

A Picture Of Humility – Well Done KD!

hi-res-8c9f05fc15322419eeae6636987f0aea_crop_exactNo matter how down you may be, how impossible your situation may seem, how unlikely success appears…stay humble and press on.  Great things just may await you! Read more

Just Be You – Happy Mother’s Day !

Mom's Night OutIf you are someone’s mommy, grandmother, nana, auntie, tia, or godmother, so basically if you are a woman who cares about anyone’s children including, and especially your own, this is for you :-)  Read more

Mother’s Day Lemonade

cherry lemonade 2
Every mother will tell you that what is most important is that whatever her children or grandchildren do for her, or make for her, that it is done with love.  If it happens to be sweet, refreshing, delicious and lovely to look at…well, all the better :-) Read more

Moms On Fire

mom on fire
These moms are on FIRE!  This will make you smile :-)

Read more

That Old? Really?


(Photo courtesy of Press Association)

Yesterday, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth visited the Feisted School in Essex (England) to commemorate its anniversary. Read more

Dear Chums – R.S.V.P. Etiquette

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

I am having a shower for a friend’s daughter and have sent out the invitations.  I did put RSVP on the invitation but have not heard from many of the invitees.” Read more

Cinco De Mayo – A Sweet And Spicy Celebration

This is perfect for celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  It is so simple and so good, you’ll be “celebrating” all summer long! Read more

Bow Sandals! Gotta Get Them!


As you no doubt know, your Two Chums absolutely LOVE bows!  It is because of this love of bows that we want you to know about these really adorable bow flip flops. Read more

Creamy Lemony Pasta

Creamy Lemon Pasta

What could be better to make for dinner than something that is easy, quick AND delicious?!!! Read more

Salad Days – A Light Spring Supper

Tuna bean salad
Can you believe it is already May? HAppy MAy Day dear chums :-)  As the days grow longer and warmer (or some just down right hot!) it is nice now and again to have a simple salad for dinner.  We have one we think fits the bill really nicely. Read more

Dear Chums – Hat Etiquette

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

My son balks at taking his hat off when sitting down to a meal.  What is your feeling on this subject?” Read more

They Say Good Bye!

trio--z Prince William, The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George have had a wonderful trip to NewZealand and Australia! Read more

Savvy Secrets With Vinegar

Savvy secrets photo

Who knew that vinegar could do some many things? Read more

Puppies In A Jacket

pups topEveryone has had pigs in  blanket, breakfast sausages wrapped in pancakes.  This is a variation on that theme.  Little cocktail hot dogs wrapped in buttered toast.  Kids of all ages love these! Read more

A Little Bite Is Just Right

Bite-TopSometimes, after a big lunch or dinner you don’t need or even want a big dessert.  Sometimes, it is just a little bite of something (preferably a chocolate something) that is just right :-)

Read more

The Catherine, And Now The George, Effect!

Well, Catherine, and now George, is doing it again! Read more

Dear Chums – Who Should Be Included?


Dear Chums

“Dear Two Chums,

I am hosting a shower for a bride-to-be and would really like to include some people at the shower who are not invited to the wedding” Read more

Been Discouraged? – Press On

“Opportunity…it often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.” – Napoleon Hill  We’ve all had set backs or been discouraged as we pursued our callings of one kind or another.  Here are some folks who overcame their discouragement and pressed on.

Read more

Easter Cookie Pops

cookie bouquet
These are what we would call a trifecta….easy, delicious, and can serve as your centerpiece!
Read more

Tick Tock Cinnamon Rolls – An Easter Tradition

2 rollsYears ago there was a wonderful restaurant right in the heart of Hollywood called the Tick Tock.  It was a place to go when you wanted delicious home cooking and you weren’t the one cooking it.  Growing up, my family ate there frequently on Sundays after church.  And when I was married and had children of my own we continued the tradition. Read more

From Solemn Reverence to Playful Joy!


All in one day….from solemn reverence… Read more

Dear Chums – Should There Be An End Time?

Dear Chums
“Dear Two Chums,

When I send out an invitation, should I put an “end time” on it?” Read more

Good Pesach – Happy Passover

PassoverAs the 8 days of Passover begin tonight we want to wish all our Jewish chums…. Read more

Savvy Secrets – MAYO Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrest photo

Look at all these amazing ways to use mayo!  SO useful!

Read more

A Timeless Classic – Chicken Soup

CS -2There won’t be a dinner table in any Jewish home come Monday that doesn’t include that iconic Jewish food…chicken soup.  Or to be more specific, Matzo Ball Soup, which is really just chicken soup with matzo balls.
Read more

Some Things Bear Repeating – Brisket

brisket-on-platter-e1332762306422Passover begins at sundown on Monday.  In Jewish homes everywhere families will be sitting down together to celebrate at a Passover seder.  In many of those dining rooms there will be brisket on the seder table.  But you don’t have to be Jewish, or celebrating Passover, to enjoy this super easy and very delicious meal!
Read more

Down Under


“What on earth does ‘Down Under’ have to do with the United Kingdom?”, you might ask. Read more

Dear Chums – How Do I Do This?

Dear Chums
“Dear Two Chums,

The dental hygienist who has cleaned my teeth for years recently lost her son.”   Read more

Been Rejected – Press On

BonoIf you have ever been rejected or turned down …congratulations!  You are now a part of a group of very well known and successful people who have also had this same experience. Read more

Rise And Shine – Eggs Benedict

Eggs BenedictIf there is one iconic dish that signifies a luxury breakfast or brunch, it would have to be Eggs Benedict.  There is not a a respectable brunch menu or buffet that doesn’t include classic Eggs Benedict or some variation of them.  We have our own simplified version for you, our chums :-) Read more

How He’s Grown!

BESTPIX: The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Release Family Photograph Ahead Of Tour To Australia & New Zealand

Yes, little Prince George certainly is growing up and seems to be more captivated with Lupo, his cocker spaniel, than anything else! Read more

Dear Chums – Clean Shower Door


“Dear Chums,

How do I get the cloudy residue from a glass shower door?  I’ve tried lots of things.” Read more

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