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Savvy Secrets for Traveling

This is the time of year when many people are traveling…traveling home for the Holidays, perhaps.  We have a few great tips on how to do that! Read more

Savvy Secrets

With the Holiday Season right here, we wanted to share some Savvy Secrets that we hope you find useful. Read more

Savvy Secrets

Yes!  Some Savvy Secrets! Read more

Savvy Secrets

Yes, it’s time for Saaaaavvy Secrets! Read more

Savvy Secrets

We found these very fun Savvy Secrets (as we know them) at Buzz Feed.  Lots of food for thought here to spruce up your dwelling! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Cleaning Up

Can’t we all use some new ideas for old problems when it comes to cleaning up?  Today we’ve got that 🙂   Read more

Christmas Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

You know how much we love and today, we found these very fun facts about Christmas.  A bit of Christmas Trivia around the holidays makes for a lot of fun. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Travel Well

Savvy secrets photo

Well, we are sure that we can all use tips to help us travel well.  Here, we have some for you which have been shared by various airline personnel who obviously do it all the time.   Read more

Savvy Secrets – “As Seen On TV”

Savvy secrets photo

We think that we have all seen those “As Seen on TV” items and have wondered how good they could be.   Read more

(Drum Roll) Saaavvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo
Yes, you’ve got ’em!  Some great Savvy Secrets, thanks to Philipp Jahner of Buzz-Feed-Redaktion. Read more

Savvy Secret – Cornstarch To The Rescue

Savvy secrets photoOne of our favorite things to post on Two Chums, is a really good Savvy Secret.  These helpful tidbits that come from a variety of sources….Facebook, Instagram, magazine articles and our favorite, our chums….make everyone’s lives a little easier and certainly more abundant.  We love the one we will share today! Read more

Yes, More Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo

We found these really great Savvy Secrets (they call them “home hacks”), that American Home Shield shares and we just HAD to share them with you!

Read more

Savvy Secrets From The Experts

Savvy secrets photo

Who better than the experts?   Thanks to Trending Moms, here are some “clever cleaning tricks”. Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

We love sharing these “Savvy Secrets” with you.  There is just ONE this time but a really great ONE! Read more

Savvy Secrets – A Quick Change

Savvy secrets photo

Need to make a change quickly (and very easily) to your look? Read more

Savvy Secrets – A Potpourri!

Savvy secrets photo

We know that you always love our Savvy Secrets so here are a few from LifeMix.Today to keep you going this week! Read more

Savvy Secrets For Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

Savvy secrets photo

Lauren Smith for Good Housekeeping came up with these ten really helpful ideas for keeping your kitchen in a tidy, clean state. Read more

Hair Dryer Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

Holy smokes!  Look at what Bob Vila of Yahoo has shared!  All of the ways we can use our hair dryer (beyond the obvious). Read more

Start Your New Year Clean With Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo

Thanks to, we have some great Savvy Secrets for you – all about keeping clean! Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

A special Savvy Secret EVERYONE can use!
Read more

Savvy Secrets – Aluminum Foil

Savvy secrets photo

Silver paper is a “must have” in your home….look at all the ways, besides the usual ones, in which you can use it!

Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

We found these wonderful Secrets on Facebook and wanted to make sure that you all saw them as well! Read more

Savvy Secret

Savvy secrets photo

We came across this “recipe” for taking out stains and have to share it with you. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Turning The Sour Sweet

Savvy secrets photoVinegar may have a sour taste but we have some uses for apple cider vinegar that we think you will find, as they say,…”sweet”! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Keep Your Sandbox Bug-Free!

Savvy secrets photo

Who Knew shared a great secret…. Read more

Savvy Secrets – More WD-40!


Yes, we have MORE uses for WD-40!

Read more

Savvy Secrets – Lemons, Lemons Everywhere!

Savvy secrets photo

Here are a few GREAT Savvy Secrets using lemons! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Around The House

Savvy secrets photoWe love to pass on good ideas.  These Savvy Secrets came from our dear chum Nancie! Read more

Savvy Secrets To Being Organized

Savvy secrets photo

These are great tips! Read more

MORE Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo

These were sent in by a dear chum.   Read more

Savvy Secrets – Use Baking Soda!

Savvy secrets photo

We found these great tips by Jade Copple and could not resist sharing them… Read more

Dear Chums

Dear Chums

We received this question from one of our chums…
Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

Here are some great Savvy Secrets to help us keep our food fresh, courtesy of “Bottom Line” Read more

Savvy Secrets for Parents

Savvy secrets photo
We can all use some good ideas to be better, more effective parents no matter at what stage our children or grandchildren are  🙂 Read more

Savvy Secret – Clever Packing For Children

Savvy secrets photo Need a clever way to pack an extra set of clothes for your kids…we’ve got that! Read more

Encore – A Summer Savvy Secret

Savvy secrets photoThis one Savvy Secret alone, which appeared in a post in 2012, has made our summer beach excursions soooo much nicer! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Coffee Filters

Savvy secrets photo Who knew there were SO many uses around the house for the humble coffee filter?  We have a list we think you’ll be glad to have 🙂 Read more

Savvy Secrets – Ice Cubes!

Savvy secrets photo

Who knew that there could be so many great uses for ice cubes? Read more

Savvy Secrets – Club Soda/Seltzer


Savvy secrets photoHave a bottle of club soda or seltzer in the fridge?  Good! Read more

Savvy Secrets With Vinegar

Savvy secrets photo

Who knew that vinegar could do some many things? Read more

Savvy Secrets – MAYO Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrest photo

Look at all these amazing ways to use mayo!  SO useful!

Read more

Oh Golly – More Savvy Secrets!


Courtesy of Elizabeth Street – At Home

We know that we just did some Savvy Secrets on Friday but we came across these and thought of you, immediately!  Could not wait to share them. Read more

Yeah! More Savvy Secrets


Savvy secrest photo

We received these really helpful Savvy Secrets from our dear friend Virginia.

Read more

Savvy Secrets-Storing Craft and Wrapping Supplies

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”  If you’ve ever gone looking for something you were certain you had, but then couldn’t find, or worse, found but couldn’t use because it was tangled or broken, then you will appreciate these tips for storing the elements of creating or wrapping all sorts of fun projects. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Use toothpaste!

Savvy secrest photo

Thanks to Yahoo Shine, we found these wonderful tips, just in time for the holidays! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Nail Polish

1274038.largeOur dear chum, Jennifer, sent us this list of uses for nail polish you may never have thought of before…thanks Jen! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Baking Soda Tips

Savvy secrest photo

Who knew that baking soda was good for all of these things!  Try them….especially number 10 – a very fun thing for Halloween!

Read more

“Cleaner” Savvy Secrets!

Savvy secrest photo

Continuing on with the “cleaning” idea, here are a few Savvy Secrets! Read more

Savvy Secrets of Duct Tape

Savvy secrest photo
Last week we offered you some Savvy Secrets for WD-40 and quoted G. Weilacher as saying “One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop.”   We promised then to bring you some Savvy Secrets for duct tape so today we are making good on that promise. Read more

Savvy Secrets from Mary Ellen

Savvy secrest photoRecently our good chum Jen was here visiting from Iowa.  She very sweetly brought us her treasured copy of a very reliable old stand by for what we like to call Savvy Secrets…..Mary Ellen’s Best of Helpful Hints – fast easy fun ways of solving household problems. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Yes, We Have More!

Savvy secrest photo

Yes we do!  Oh, how we absolutely love sharing these helpful hints with all of our Chums. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Baking Soda Secrets!

Savvy secrest photo

Well, we all know the value of keeping a box of baking soda in our refrigerators to take care of horrid smells but ….. here are lots more uses for that same baking soda! Read more

“Beautifying” Savvy Secrets


You guessed it!  More Savvy Secrets ….. this time to keep you beautiful!

Read more

More Savvy Secrets!

Oh golly, we have some wonderful Savvy Secrets for you today. Read more

Kitchenesque Savvy Secrets!

Some fabulous easy-to-follow tips for your work in the kitchen! Read more

Savvy Secrets for 2013!

Some Savvy Secrets to start off 2013! Read more

Yeah! More Savvy Secrets!

Here we are again with more Savvy Secrets!  We know that sugar is a sweetener but can it be helpful as well?  Read more

Yeah! Even MORE Savvy Secrets!

Thanks, Lynette, for sending us these wonderful tips.   Read more

Yes, More Savvy Secrets!

Oh golly, it is always so great to receive Savvy Secrets from all of you!  Our dear Chum, Nancie, sent these to us so, with joy, we are sharing them with you.




























Please, if you know of any Savvy Secrets that you think other people would be able to use, let us know.  We will be glad to share them.  After all, what are Chums for?





Shhhh! Savvy Secrets With Bounce!


Again, a dear friend, Hilary, sent us these Bounce Savvy Secrets which we are thrilled to share with all of you.   Read more

Savvy Secrets From Your Pantry

As you all know, we love to share Savvy Secrets and invite you, always, to share yours with us to pass along.  Recently, we were given these Savvy Secrets using things from one’s pantry from our chum Hilary.  Although we have not tried them, we feel sure they will be helpful to one and all! Read more

Potpourri of Savvy Secrets

One of our chums, Lisa, shared this potpourri of very useful Savvy Secrets and now we are passing it on to you, the rest of our chums 🙂
Read more

Savvy Secrets for Mothers

This week, being our week for “Mothering”, we are including Savvy Secrets for Mothers.  Every mother needs these to stay ahead of the game! Read more

Savvy Secrets

It’s that time again.  As you know from time to time we want to share with you some helpful and interesting ideas that will make life simpler, easier, tidier, and maybe just more beautiful.  Check out these savvy secrets.  There are bound to be some here you will appreciate.  Read more

Savvy Secrets – Tension Used In Great Ways!

Oh my goodness, we did not know there were so many ways to use a tension rod and are so happy to share these with you!

Following, you will find ten ways to use tension in a grand way! Read more

Savvy Secrets

Here we are again with ten more “Savvy Secrets”!  We hear of these wonderful helpful hints and cannot help but want to share them. Our dear friend Nancie shared these with us.  If you have some helpful hints or some savvy secrets we would love to hear them.
Read more

Savvy Secrets

Synonymous with Two Chums is love, joy, and abundant living.  We have found that there is nothing stopping anyone, at any time, from feeling love, joy and enjoying an abundant life.   We can feel love by loving and have joy by being joyous.   An abundant life comes with having an abundant thought. Read more

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