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Staying Present

This is the season of graduations, showers, weddings, and then there are birthdays to celebrate all year long.First impressions are important. When you give a gift, before it is even opened, you make an impression to the person receiving the gift. Gift wrap can be costly.  It seems crazy to spend nearly as much on the wrapping as you may have spent on a gift, especially if it is a small remembrance or a hostess gift for example.

We have some ideas to help you make a fabulous first impression with your gift for only pennies!  We are fans of using white butcher paper.  A very large roll is MUCH less expensive than traditional wrapping paper, it works with any color ribbon, and there are so many ways to embellish it.  Here is one idea that anyone can do to make really pretty gift wrap.


Cut a piece of butcher paper the size you need to fit your box.  Then using a flower stamp, repeat the pattern all over the paper.


Next use a smaller coordinating stamp like this butterfly stamp, or you could use a leaf stamp, or even a geometric stamp.


Just stamp it in a complementary color to the one you have chosen for your flower.  Be sure and stamp the pattern evenly in between the flowers.


All of the stamps and stamp pads we used here came from Michaels and were found in their $1.50 bargain bin.  They have stamps nearly all the time so keep your eyes open and snatch them up when you see them.

In addition to the stamping and of course beautiful Costco ribbon, we sometimes like to use a clear cellophane paper over the butcher paper to add a shiny finish.  Whether you use the cellophane or not, now you are ready to wrap the gift with your  pretty ribbon.

For those who feel challenged when it comes to actually wrapping a gift we can help you with that too. You may remember this video.  It was a part of a post we did a couple of years ago called All Wrapped Up, but the technique and info are  just as useful now as they were then:

Wrapping a Gift from Two Chums on Vimeo.

Giving a beautifully wrapped gift makes both the giver and the receiver feel special. It is in so many ways a demonstration of love, joy and beautifully abundant living 🙂


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  1. pattie olson #

    LOVE this! thanks for sharing.


    June 20, 2014
  2. Anouska #

    The stamps are such a great, beautiful idea!

    June 20, 2014
  3. Where does one buy a big roll of white butcher paper?

    June 23, 2014
    • Two Chums #

      Great question Brad. In our area here in Southern California you can find large rolls of butcher paper at Smart and Final. In other areas they can be found in varying widths at any local restaurant supply store. The roll I currently have has lasted me nearly 2 years so though you may spend $40 a roll it is really very economical over all and as we said it gives you some great versatility with regards to wrapping style. And you Mr. Wigor always have great style 🙂

      June 23, 2014

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