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“Well done”, we say, “Well done!”

These two people, Brittany and Clayton Cook, had just said their vows and become husband and wife.

They were in the park taking some glorious photographs to commemorate the day and, as usually happens, this got a lot of attention.  In particular, there were three children watching.

When Brittany was having some solo shots taken,  Clayton noticed that a little boy who he had just seen was missing.  He ran over to see where the little boy was and realized that he had fallen in the water and was struggling so, without a second thought, in he went in to rescue him!

Apparently, Brittany knew what an amazing chap she had married as she said, “He’s never needed to save someone before, but it didn’t surprise me whatsoever that he didn’t give a second thought to it”.

They continued on to the reception, albeit with Clayton a little bit wet!

We love to share stories that bring out all of the good that goes on in our great world.  More joy, more love, more abundant lives!

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