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Well Done – A Coffee Break

Today could be a special day…for you…for someone you don’t see eye to eye with…for the country, because today could be the day we start talking to each other again.
Foster Freiss may not be a familiar name, but we hope it will be one you remember after reading this post.
Mr. Freiss is a very successful businessman and philanthropist who is on a mission to get American’s talking to each other again…especially those who strongly disagree with each other on issues political or otherwise.  He believes it is much harder to be critical and “mean” to someone you have taken the time to get to know.  Back in 2014 he started the “Left Right Left Right…Forward March” movement with the tag line Together We’ll Get There.  His mission is to pair unlikely people from different sides of the political spectrum together to accomplish a commonly agreed on goal:

Now he is at it again.  He has started another movement.  Today, August 25th he has designated as “Let’s Take a Coffee Break” and has agreed to give the first 1000 people who invite someone they disagree with to have coffee with them today, a gift of $25 to pay for their coffee.  This is what is posted on his website

“On Friday, August 25th, grab a cup of coffee with someone you don’t agree with. Democrats invite a Republican. Young and old, black and white — get to know someone with whom you don’t agree.

Tell us your civility story on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #return2civility.

Here’s how to participate:
1. Invite a co-worker, neighbor or anyone you don’t exactly see eye to eye with to grab some coffee. It could even be a family member!

2. Sit down and listen to each other, you don’t have to talk about politics. Just take the time to learn more about one another.

3. Make sure to snap a selfie or a picture of your coffee date and share it on social media using #return2civility.

That’s it!
We’ll Venmo $25 to the first 1,000 Americans who share their #return2civility story.

We need to start talking to each other again. This is a good start.”

This idea was started when he learned that two unlikely people, a hardcore Evangelical Christian and a Gay and Lesbian Rights activist, sat down together with no other agenda than to get to know each other.  Here is their story:

Now if Bob and Donna can find common ground and develop mutual respect for one another, and develop a real friendship despite their differences of lifestyle and opinion, there is surely hope that we can do it too.  Finding ways to talk and respect each other in person, and not “snipe” at each other on social media can honestly change the tone and hostility we are all feeling so prevalent in our country right now.  So for this wonderful coffee break idea, and his very generous attempt to get people talking “to” and not “at” each other again, we say to Foster Freiss, WELL DONE!  We can surely be a kinder, more caring, country and that can only lead to more love, more joy and MUCH more abundant living for all!
On another personal note:  I (Robin) have learned a lot about talking and listening from a young man who happens to be my oldest grandchild, Jeremy, who just happens to be turning 14 years old today.  Jeremy is bright, witty, fair minded, a deep thinker, a reader and researcher, and someone who asks great questions and actually wants to hear the answers….even from his grandmother 🙂 Happy birthday Jer.  Being your grandmother is a privilege and a true joy!
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