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Today’s The Day!

Prince George
Yes, today is the day that His Royal Highness, Prince George, is being christened.    He wore the christening gown that his Daddy wore (seen below)….the only difference is that George actually wore a replica of the gown as it was felt that it was getting a bit old and fragile.

For 167 years, Britain’s royal babies wore a one-of-a-kind, custom-made, hand-me down Christening gown.  The gown was made originally for Queen Victoria’s oldest girl, Victoria, with fabric left over from Queen Victoria’s wedding dress.  Over 30 newborns including Prince William, Prince Charles and the Queen, have all worn the same Honiton lace and white satin gown to mark their entrance into the Church of England.

Prince William and his mother Diana, The Princess of Wales


Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth)

Buckingham Palace was the venue for the Christening of Prince William and most other Royals, but Prince George’s Christening  took place at the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace.  It is where the coffin of William’s dear mother, Diana, was placed for visitation prior to her funeral.  It is where Prince William and Prince Harry would have gone to say their final good byes.  It is felt that this was another way for William to feel his mother’s presence at the christening.  Apparently it is a really lovely chapel and has a warm feeling, according to one spokesperson.  It is so interesting to us that Prince William breaks with tradition a lot.  Certainly, not in a bad way, but he makes a point.

The Christening was very small – we mean VERY small!  Apparently, Princess Anne (Prince Charles’ sister) and Prince Edward (Prince Charles’ youngest brother) and his wife Sophie were NOT  there.  The list comprised the parents, godparents (or sponsors as they are called with royals), grandparents, uncles and aunt and a few other family members of the darling babe.  It was no doubt an intimate, meaningful affair.  Prince George’s welcoming into the family of the Church is very  important as there will come the day when he will be Defender of the Faith for the country.  (Catherine had not been confirmed into the Church of England in her youth as is usually done so she was confirmed shortly before her marriage to William.  Obviously, this was a very important step.)


As is the custom, Catherine and William saved some of their wedding fruit cake for the christenings to come.  It is usual to save the top tier but in their case, they saved the top three!  Something tells us there will be more royal babies on the horizon.

More joy, more love and definitely more abundance!








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  1. I loved this post! You two are my official source for all things Royal Family.

    October 23, 2013
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      We do love love love all things royal!

      October 24, 2013

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