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Super Supper For Super Bowl

Do you want a yummy and hearty meal for Sunday’s Super Bowl that everyone will enjoy, and that you can make a day ahead?  We’ve got that!  There are few food combos more loved than that of soup and a sandwich.  This beefy French dipped sandwich and creamy tomato bisque, is a delicious meal you can make tomorrow and serve on Sunday so you don’t have to be in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying the game.  You can make our simple and simply delicious brisket and our tomato bisque today and refrigerate both until tomorrow.

Shortly before the game begins, warm up the soup, slice and warm up the brisket.  Be sure to reserve the juices from the meat.  You may want to add some additional beef broth for dipping the bread depending on how much you have. We recommend the brand Better Than Bouillon.

To make these nearly perfect French dipped sandwiches, use regular sized rolls, or use mini rolls if you prefer to make sliders. Dip the bread in the reserved juices from the meat, spread it with a good English mustard (we use Colemans), add a slice of your favorite cheese (we like a sharp cheddar but blue cheese or Swiss are really good too), then add the sliced meat dipped in the beef broth.  The hot meat will start to soften or melt the cheese.  But if you like your cheese more melted, pop the sandwiches in a 400 degree oven for about 5 minutes only.  You are ready to eat.  And, we might add, in for a treat.

With this yummy, hearty, simple meal, no matter who is the high scorer in the game, you and your family and friends are sure to be the winners 🙂

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