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Simple Reminders

In almost every home there are articles that have emotional attachments associated with them.As I was having coffee the other morning I thought about how every morning I pour a cup of coffee into a mug, often this green one.  My chum, Allison, who happens to be Jackie’s daughter-in-law, gave it to me as a hostess gift one Easter many years ago. It happens to be one of my favorites and each time I drink my coffee from it I think of Allison and her family and use that remembrance of her as a reminder to pray for her and her family that day.

To be honest I don’t remember how that habit started.  It just seemed an easy and natural thing to do as the mug reminds me of Allison and how grateful I am to know her and call her my chum.

Likewise, I have a quilt, my cousin Sandy made and gave to me when I was going through a particularly rough time some years back.  She said, though she lives far away from me, she wanted me to feel comforted and loved whenever I wrapped myself up in it.  It is a beautiful quilt made even more beautiful because the love with which it was given.  I use it often ( I have it around me as I’m writing).  But when it is not wrapped around me, it is folded over the back of a chair in our bedroom.  I could put it away in my linen closet until I’m going to use it, but I prefer to keep it out where it greets me each day.  When I see it I think of Sandy and it is a reminder of how grateful I am for her and that we are family.  It reminds me to pray for her or send her a quick text message to check in on her and let er know I’m thinking of her.

And then there is a very special box my darling chum, Jackie, gave me many years ago.  It is a beautiful little brass and glass box with crystals and a lovely brass embellishment on the top.

It “lives” on my dresser amongst some treasured photos, where I can see it many times a day.

But as pretty as the box itself is, the most beautiful thing about it is the note that she left inside the box.

Day after day I am reminded of Jackie, our years of friendship and sisterhood, and the unconditional love she has shown to me right from the start.  It was a simple gesture, giving me that little box with the note inside, but it has had huge impact on me.  Good days and hard ones too, that little box is a symbol of Jackie’s friendship and love.  And a reminder to pray for her and to be ever grateful for her love and friendship towards me and my family.

As you start your week, look about your home.  Chances are, like mine, it is littered with little treasures, gifts that are simple reminders of people who have shown you some kindness, who are important to you, who love you no matter what.  While you may have thanked them, even more than once, for their thoughtfulness, you can show your gratitude again and again in a tangible way by praying blessing over them when you see their gift.  Seeing these items can be a simple reminder that blesses you and your prayer of blessing and thanksgiving can be your gift back to that special person who remembered you.

A life of gratitude is always abundant and filled with love and joy!

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  1. Allison #

    Ha! Love this one, Robin – and not just because I’m mentioned!! I feel so honoured… but, really, I knew before I even clicked on the link I’d like today’s post. xoxo

    April 24, 2017
    • Two Chums #

      Thank you Allison and thank you gain for the mug. It is truly one of my favorites and in no small part because it reminds me of you <3

      April 25, 2017
  2. Janna K Howe #

    Such a sweet truth. My home has many hand prints of love scattered here and there that are dear reminders of times gone past and more recent times in my life that dear ones left their gracious thoughtfulness sprinkled throughout. Lovely post of reminders of the dear ones and their daily walks. Love! Thanks, sweet day to all!

    April 24, 2017
    • Two Chums #

      My home…our homes are full of sweet Janna reminders! To be sure, you have left your mark in all our lives and on all our hearts, Janna <3

      April 25, 2017
  3. Richard Horner #

    Thank you so much for this lovely reminder, dear Robin. And I think of the good and the joy that we deserve in our lives because of the deep love we have for our family and dear friends like you and Jackie.
    I think of Randy every time I see a snazzy pair of colorful socks on a man. I’m reminded of what a class act Randy is, as well as Dennis Page! Sharp dressers and classy gentlemen, to keep up with their ladies! Abundance INDEED!!

    April 25, 2017
    • Two Chums #

      How kind you are Dick! And yes I quite agree…they are class acts and snazzy dressers. Not to mention quality gentlemen and to that I say of you…it takes one to know one >3

      April 25, 2017

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