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Magic Mac N’ Cheese

IMG_4845If you know Two Chums at all you know we LOVE mac n’ cheese!  We have a great one for you today 🙂Why magic mac n’ cheese you ask?  Well it is simple…the answer and the method of making it too.  Simply use milk in place of water to cook the macaroni and when the pasta is done add the cheese.  The starch from the cooking pasta that normally gets thrown out with the cooking water, becomes the thickening agent in the sauce!  What could be easier or tastier? And we added some fried onion strings and crumbled bacon too….because why not?  🙂

Magic Mac N’ Cheese
4 cups whole milk
2 cups macaroni
4-6 cups grated cheese (depending on how cheese you like it)
Fried onion strings
Crumbled bacon

This is more of a method than a recipe.  Use twice as much milk as the amount of macaroni you are cooking.  We used this fun pasta from Trader Joes for added color.
Heat the milk to almost boiling and add pasta.  Cook until the macaroni or pasta is al dente and then stir in your favorite cheese or combination of cheeses.  We used sharp cheddar, a bit of gruyere and parmesan for a little “bite”.  The cheese will melt quickly and easily.  It is ready to serve when the cheese melts or you can pour it into a serving dish and keep it in a warm oven until you are ready to eat.  We topped ours with friend onion strings and crumbled bacon.  Because come on…..EVERYTHING is better with bacon 🙂




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