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Looking For Love

Today is Valentine’s Day…the national day of love in this country and we have a question for you.  Are you blindly rushing through life like most people, or are you looking for love?  We aren’t specifically speaking of the romantic kind of love, (though you could be) but what we really mean, is the kind of love that brings us all together.  Your Two Chums believe that God is love so when you are looking for love, you are actually looking for God, or the evidence of Him.  Honestly, it is all around us.  We just get so busy sometimes, we miss the evidence that God uses to show us His love for us.  We think these little reminders are like little love notes to us.

Just the other day I happened to add some coconut oil to my husband’s coffee, as I had recently read about how very healthful coconut oil is, and had seen an article suggesting that you stir some into your morning coffee.  I took a teaspoon full of coconut oil (which is soft but solid until it is melted) and began stirring it into the coffee as I was speaking to my husband and explaining why I was adding coconut oil to his coffee.  I stopped short of giving him all the health info and just said, “I’m adding it because I love you.”

I had no more than said this when I looked down to see if it was dissolved, and there in the spoon was a very small bit of the once solid coconut oil in the shape of a heart!  That’s the photo at the opening of this post.  A coincidence you think?  I think not.  To me it was a message, a confirmation, an evidence that God was approving of how I was loving my husband by doing something healthy for him.

This may seem silly to you but both Jackie and I, see these small reminders very frequently.  They are all around us all the time.  You may be thinking that it is easy for us to believe this because we happen to be fortunate enough to notice them.  But that thinking is actually backwards.

We don’t believe in these love notes from God because we see them…we see them BECAUSE we believe in them!  The truth is we all find what we are looking for.  If you aren’t looking, you won’t see them.  You will walk right by and never notice a sweet message from God that He loves you and is looking out for you all day every day.

Couldn’t we all use a reminder that we are loved?  Turn the eyes of your heart and mind to looking for messages from God and you will be surprised to see with your actual eyes that they are truly all around you.  The poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning said it like this:  “Earth’s crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God, but only he who sees takes off his shoes”.  (The reference to taking off one’s shoes is to the notion that those who see these revelations of God are aware that they are standing in God’s presence and on holy ground.)

You might be on holy ground yourself today.  Keep your eyes and heart alert and when you see it, stand still and take off your shoes.  It will fill you with more joy, more love, and make your life more abundant than you can imagine 🙂

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