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Labor Day -The End Of Summer

Here’s a great tip for your Labor Day BBQ…. If you are making kabobs, whether beef or chicken or shrimp, you know they can be unruly sometimes when you try to flip them on the grill.  So today we have an idea that will take care of the problem in a hurry and make you a BBQ hero.

When you are putting your kabobs together, use 2 skewers instead of just 1 for each kabob.  Using 2 will keep the food more stable and make it so much easier to flip them on the grill.

As we close the door on summer….we welcome in the glory of fall.

It is hard to believe that another summer has gone by and here it is, the beginning of September with all that it entails.

We look forward to sharing this next season with all of you, our chums.  Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to share.

Don’t forget to use love and cherish joy.  Have a happy and safe Labor Day and make sure no matter what you are eating or what you are doing today that you remember to fill your day with gratitude and abundant living 🙂

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