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In Good Company

You might be thinking of changing your hairstyle this summer.  If so, you will be in very good company.  Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, just changed hers too 🙂  The Wimbledon tennis championships officially began Monday and the Duchess of Cambridge was there for the opening day looking her usual stylish and lovely self and sporting her new hairstyle known as “the lob”.  The lob is technically a long bob.

Harper’s Bazaar did a piece recently showing some of their favorite celebrities, actresses and models now sporting “the lob”.  Here are just a few of them:

Emma Stone

Jennifer Lawrence

Miranda Kerr

Kerry Washington

Emilia Clark

January Jones

Hilary Rhoda

Jennifer Lopez

Margot Robbie

Taylor Swift

One other thing to note about these ladies with the “lob” hairstyle, is that they all happen to also be wearing red lipstick which as Audrey Hepburn said can always elevate an outfit or a look.  So whether you are opting for a fresh new do or not, you can surely update your style this summer with a great red lipstick.

A new hairdo, a new lipstick, a great new pair of earrings or shoes….any of these can make you feel like a new person and put a fresh spring in your step and joy in your heart.  And of course having that joy will lead to a life full of gratitude and abundance and we think those are the best beautifiers of all 🙂

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