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Garlic Noodle Salad

Last year, at Chinese New Year, we shared with you one of our favorite noodle dishes, Chinese Garlic Noodles.  They have been a favorite of adults and children alike, and certainly are delicious any time of year, not just at New Year.  But this year we made a discovery.  Those left over Chinese Garlic Noodles ….

….make a really yummy salad!  In fact you may even want to make extra for dinner just so you can have them the next day as a noodle salad.  Instead of heating up those left overs, add some diced red pepper, a bit of chopped green onion, and some fresh chopped cilantro to your cold noodles.  Next drizzle them with a bit of sesame oil and give them a splash of soy sauce and toss.

This is a great side dish or if you wan to serve it as a main course, add some shrimp or chicken before you toss the noodles.  This is really tasty and REALLY easy!  Making last nights dinner do double duty….that is abundant living 🙂

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