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Favorite Things – All That Glitters!


I love glitter!  There is just something about it that can transform an ordinary object into a shiny work of art. You can easily add sparkle to just about anything with a little glue and some glitter.  The other day I was just about to throw away some old pomegranates that had seen better days when it hit me that they could have a second life if I gave them a “roll” in some glitter.  You could do the same with some old lemons or limes or pretty much anything that can be painted.  My adventure went like this:

1-GlitterI spread out some newspaper to create a work surface.  Then got out my supplies…glitter, Mod Podge and a paint brush and my withered pomegranates…

I “painted” the pomegranates all over with the Mod Podge (you could also use plain white glue )…


then literally rolled them in the glitter…


I had three pomegranates and three different colors of glitter ….gold, silver and a sort of rose gold color.  I did one of each.  I chose a container that my dear chum, Jackie happened to give me last year for Christmas.  It is a Limoges bowl with gold accents on the edges….I love it!  (You could choose a container that is either gold or silver. Or even something crystal or glass that shimmers would work.)  Then I turned them into a centerpiece by adding bits and pieces of things I had, like gold grapes, a small pearl wreath and some little pinecones and a bird that I had glittered last year…. and voila!


All these random objects came together to create a fun and whimsical centerpiece just by using objects that are all gold and silver and adding glitter to the ones that weren’t.  I’ll bet you have some things you could make gold or silver with some cans of spray paint and some things you could make sparkle with some jars of glitter.  You don’t have to use gold and silver.  You might choose to use red and green, or blue and white , or whatever  are the colors you decorate with at the holidays.  Don’t take yourself too seriously,  just let the little child in you come out to play and have some fun.

Your life and your home will be filled with love, joy and so much abundance!




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  1. Jennifer #

    Very creative! I did something similar with some fairytale pumpkins that we grew in our garden. We used them for Halloween and Thanksgiving and seemed a shame to throw them out. I painted them gold and then sprayed them with gold glitter….looks amazing and magical for Christmas!

    December 18, 2013
    • Two Chums #

      I would love to see them Jen. E-mail some photos when you get a chance. Give everyone big tight hugs at Christmas 🙂

      December 24, 2013
  2. Janna #

    Love it!

    December 18, 2013

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