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Dear Chums – Hat Etiquette

Dear Chums

“Dear Chums,

My son balks at taking his hat off when sitting down to a meal.  What is your feeling on this subject?”

“Old Fashioned Mom”.

Dear Old Fashioned Mom,

Golly, funny you should ask this question.  We were just the other day sitting in the dining room of a golf club and thinking how wonderful it was that every gentleman in the room had taken off his hat.  They had all got the “respect” memo and stuck to it!

Yes, we definitely feel that there is nothing “old fashioned” about wanting a gentleman, of whatever age, to take off his cap or hat at the dinner table.  In fact, it should be taken off as soon as a gentleman enters the front door.

Originally, taking off his hat was very normal as a gentlemen wore his hat whilst outdoors to keep him from the elements, be it cold, heat, rain or sleet.  Therefore, he would automatically take it off when entering the warmth and comfort of a building.  Nowadays, a lot of gentlemen wear hats just to wear a hat and so, oftentimes, they have to be reminded to take it off inside, as a sign of respect.

So, Moms, remember that this is one of those things that your son needs to be taught.  As with a lot of things, as long as he is taught the right way, he can then make up his own mind when he is grown.

Hats off to etiquette – following etiquette brings joy into our lives!








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  1. Robin Eccles #

    I Love that you brought that topic up, manners are very important, Robin E

    April 30, 2014

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