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Celebrating In Style – Origami Party Hats

Party HatWant to really celebrate in style?  Make these fun and festive party hats!  Here’s a photo step by step instruction for this party project 🙂Party hats are a sort of equalizer. Everyone feels equally silly and at the same time equally festive.  You can make these ahead of time for your guests, or if they are old enough to follow your directions, you can make an activity of it.  Either way they add  to a great celebration!

Step 1: Using a roll of wrapping paper, fold one edge on the diagonal to meet the other edge.  This will form a triangle.


Crease the folded edge


Step 2: Cut the folded triangle away from the roll of paper and then put folded edge closest to you.



Step 3: Unfold the triangle to reveal the square with a crease in the center. Fold up the point nearest you to meet the center crease.


Step 4: Fold the opposite point down to within about 4 inches of center crease.



Step 5: Refold the triangle on the center crease.  One edge (the top piece) will be longer than the other


Step 6: Fold back up the longer edge so that the edges are equal and lined up. Crease this edge.  What you have  now is a shape known as a trapezoid.


Step 7: Now fold your trapezoid in half and make a crease in the center fold


Step 8: Open it up again.  Now unfold back down the longer edge that forms the bottom section of the hat


Step 9: Now following that crease you made in the center of the trapezoid, fold down the right point so that the top edge of the trapezoid is even with the crease.


Step 10: Repeat on the left side so that you end up with a square turned on the diagonal and the folded points facing you


Step 11: The next step is to fold the point on the right (that is the one closest to you) up so that the point now is matched up with the top point.


Step 12: Repeat on left side


Step 13: Fold back up bottom section previously creased


Step 14 : Fold back the top point to form what looks like the lapel on a jacket


Step 15: Repeat on the left point


Step 16: Grab the folded edge of hat and open it, then turn it sideways so that what were the corners will now form the bottom center points




Step 17: Fold up the corner.  Flip over and fold other corner





















And  Voilá!!! ( this is what someone Japanese who spoke French might say) You have a cool party chapeau (hat) 🙂


What’s that they say about clothes making the man?

Ph-Man in PH

They certainly make for a festive celebration! And speaking of celebrations……..Today happens to be my youngest daughter, Amanda’s birthday. Though I celebrate her everyday, today I want to take the opportunity to publicly say what a joy and delight she is to everyone who knows her. I am so grateful to be her mother.

Many years ago,when she was a very little girl with blonde ringlets bobbing all over her adorable head, Jackie gave her a nickname that has stuck because it was, and still is, so perfect for her. So let me say now, “Happy Birthday Miss Poppet!”


A in hat

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  1. connie S #

    Happy Birthday , sweet Amanda!!!
    a joy and a delight are perfect words to describe you:)
    And I would add…I’ so grateful to be Mom #2!

    August 6, 2014

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