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Back to School Treats – Strawberry Rolls-Ups

As promised on Monday, throughout the next couple of weeks we will be sharing some yummy strawberry recipes that anyone can make and everyone can enjoy.  This is our first installment on strawberry treats 🙂  With school beginning soon, this week in fact for some, these easy and tasty fruit roll-ups can be a welcome treat in any child’s lunch or be a perfect after school snack for children or parents alike.  While you can easily buy something similar to these at every grocery store, what we love about these is that you can control what goes into them (you can avoid GMOs and corn syrup that is prevalent in many treats like these that you buy), how much sweetening you add, if any, and what combinations of fruit you use.

We obviously made these very simply just with strawberries and a little honey, but you could choose to try them without any honey or sugar if you have really sweet berries.  Or you could combine some of your favorite fruits, mango, raspberries, even watermelon would be tasty.  It is also a fun activity for children to help you with, letting them help choose which fruits to try.  And since they keep well, you can make a bunch now to have for when school starts, or to take to work with you to keep on your desk for afternoon snacks.

Be creative and try different combos, or just enjoy the delicious flavor of sweet, ripe, juicy strawberries that are everywhere right now.  You really can’t go wrong either way.

It’s a simple equation….Yummy treats = love for your family +joy and abundance 🙂




Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

This recipe (or method to be more accurate) basically turns your oven into a food dehydrator.

1 container of strawberries (approximately 2 cups of fruit)
Honey or agave syrup to taste

Berries and honey in blender

Dried Berry Puree on Silat

Dried Berries On Parchment Paper

Puree the berries (or whatever fruit you choose) with honey or agave syrup if you want, in a blender or food processor.  Pour the pureed mixture onto a baking pan covered with a Silpat or any silicone baking sheet, to keep the fruit from sticking as it dries.

Place pan in an oven on the lowest setting possible, usually 175 degrees, for 3 hours, or until the fruit is no longer tacky when you touch it.  Allow to cool, then loosen and peel the edges away from the silicone mat.  Tear off a sheet of parchment or waxed paper slightly longer than the dried fruit.  Flip the sheet of dried fruit onto the parchment or waxed paper and cut into strips.  Roll up the strips and store in a jar or zip locked bag until ready to eat.

Now you’ve got sweet treats you can feel good about giving your children, (or yourself) to enjoy!

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