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A Touch of Gold!

Sometimes all we need to brighten something up is a touch of gold.  In this case, it was a touch of gold paint:-)  Your Two Chums love beautiful flowers, fresh ones as well as those you find in paintings and prints.  It just so happened that I have some lovely old botanical prints that I bought framed years ago.  I have always enjoyed them.  But lately I began to feel like they looked just a little “tired” somehow.

They are regularly dusted and the frames wiped clean, so that wasn’t the problem.  I love these prints, so I knew it wasn’t that I was tired of them.  Still, they just seemed to be lacking something.  Then one day while I was in the garage, I noticed a can of gold spray paint.  Suddenly it just seemed to be calling my name.  Actually it was my dear other chum, Jackie, whom I could hear speaking to me in my head, reminding me that “a touch of gold is ALWAYS a good idea, darling!”

The prints and glass were removed from the frames, the paint can was shaken, and before I knew it there was a fresh new bright look to my beloved botanicals.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!



It was a simple and quick “fix”.  In minutes the frames went from being pretty but a little dull, to being a bright and enhancing compliment to my treasured botanicals.

So if you have something that just doesn’t seem to be as bright as you’d like, or that just seems to be lacking a little something, break out a can of gold spray paint, listen to Jackie, and give it a light touch of gold because “a touch of gold is ALWAYS a good idea, darling!” 🙂

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