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Your Thanksgiving Table Decor

img_9256Fresh flowers are always lovely, but they aren’t the only option for a centerpiece or decorations at your Thanksgiving gathering.  img_9251

We have some ideas here that allow you to use things you can gather from you garden or on a nature walk with your children.  And if you have access to a tree trimmer in your area, you may be able to get “slices” of branches that you can use as pedestals for your arrangements.  Pick up some real pumpkins from the market, or decorative ones from the craft store or even your local Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Only store.  You can also get some pomegranates, persimmons and some walnuts in their shells to use for decoration.

And maybe gather up some colorful leaves that have fallen to tuck into your arrangement.

Once you’ve collected your items just use your imagination in putting them together.  Whether you have a large long table or a smaller round one, use your “found” and purchased items, add a little floral moss, and voila!…your table is decorated and ready for that feast you will enjoy with your family and friends 🙂


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