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Wrap It Up

IMG_4434If you know anything about Two Chums, you know we love a well wrapped, pretty package 🙂   Usually we think of wrapping with some nice paper, either that which is purchased or some that we’ve embellished ourselves. This time we decided to try wrapping with something else we both love and have lots and lots and lots of in our cupboards….fabric!

We thought “why not”?  We needed to wrap a gift for the baby shower of a sweet young mom-to be.  We had made some burp clothes and onesies and blankets and loaded them into a fun basket.  Obviously, regular wrapping paper wouldn’t work for this.  We could have used clear cellophane as we often have for packages like this, but we figured since we had some pretty pale pink fabric we would use that instead.

We measured the length and width of the basket and cut a piece of fabric about 3 times the measure of length and width.   In this case it meant a piece of fabric 60″ x 45″.  The basket was placed on the diagonal, meaning the points of the fabric were opposite the sides.


The points opposite the two short sides were gathered up and tied.


Then the other side was gathered up to do the same.



Next we added in some paper roses made from coffee filters (that DIY will be in an upcoming post).  You could just as easily use silk or even fresh flowers, and tuck them into the tied fabric.
We also added a couple of pieces of some netting…

then tied them in a bow around the flowers and added a piece of raffia and a small card.

IMG_4439And there you have it.  We didn’t think of wrapping the gift in fabric ahead of time or we could have hemmed the edges of it and it could have been used as a light weight summer blanket.  Maybe we can do that next time and you can certainly do that if you decide to wrap a shower gift like this.

Really any package, large or small, can be wrapped with fabric, which means you could use a scarf for a medium sized gift, or a hankie for a really small gift.  You could also use a dish towel for a kitchen gift, for example, or even a tablecloth.  The ideas are only limited by your imagination.  A nice presentation is the recipient’s first impression of your gift.  So have fun..try different things and let us know what ideas you come up with and send us some photos.  We always look forward to hearing from you, our chums 🙂





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