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When Is Halloween?

Sadie Rae Vann, my 7 year old granddaughter wrote a poem in school that she entitled “When Is Halloween?”.  On this day that every child looks forward to I felt it was certainly worth sharing….I think you will too.  Enjoy her creativity and sensitive writing.  A very talented little girl if I do say so:-)

When Is Halloween?
By Sadie Rae Vann

The dark and spooky night
When is Halloween?
When angles are protecting
And werewolves are hunting it’s deathly
When witches are calling it’s strange
And tarantulas are crawling it’s spooky
When ghosts are ooooooing it’s freaky
And mummies are walking it’s creepy
Then it’s Halloween!

What I love most about Sadie’s poem is that she starts it out with a reminder that there are angels protecting us.  She believes in angels and knows she has a guardian angel protecting her.  She is a sweet and sensitive little girl who was excited for me to share her poem with our chums.  Like all young children, she thoroughly enjoys Halloween.

On this day that is loved by children of all ages everywhere,  Jackie came across some great, easy, last minute ideas for your Halloween celebration.  She is sharing them with you here.  Happy Halloween everyone.





Trick or Treat?  Certainly you do not want to be tricked.  We have a few last minute Halloween ideas to help to ensure that you will not be tricked!  The children and adults alike are sure to enjoy these fun decorations so much that they will forget about “tricking”.

The first one is a great centerpiece of decoration for your halloween party buffet!  Easy to do, just carve it the way you would carve a pumpkin!

And, again, using your “carving” skills, this is a great way to keep your beverages cold:


Are you needing some quick, easy decorations at your front door?  How about just using orange, black and white balloons and decorating them with “BOO” or a ghost or a pumpkin face?


Need to make a quick wig for your husband to wear?  Use newspaper.  You can shape many pieces of paper into a cap (use a cabbage for your form) and then use the edge of the scissors to curl that paper and there you have it – a very funny wig!

4034_102908_paperwigs_xlWe know you will have fun – whatever decorations, costumes or treats you have adding to the love, joy and abundance of your lives!



PS  All of the above ideas came from the one and only Martha Stewart.  Thanks Martha!  You really do have it!

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  1. Janna #

    Robin and Jackie, please tell most darling Sadie Rae how much I enjoyed her most talented warm and scary poem. Love, Nanna Janna

    October 31, 2013
    • Two Chums #

      I will happily pass that message along to her and she will love it that you like her poem Janna 🙂

      October 31, 2013

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