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What Are They Made Of?


Are the Olympic gold medals really made of gold?

Olympic gold medals are required to be made of sterling silver covered with at least 6 grams of pure gold, according to Each gold medal must have a diameter of at least 60 millimeters (about 2.4 inches).

What fun it is to have the Olympics to watch!  There are so many things we could comment on but the several people who are standing out to us today are Simone Biles


Michael Phelps,


Simone Manuel,


and Penny Olekslak


each coming home with “gold” and making history!

Our heartfelt congratulations to all of the competitors.  The fact that these athletes have made it this far is absolutely amazing and puts them in a class of their own!





PS  We heard an inspired tip today.  “Let the winners focus on the win and the losers on the winners.”  Rather lovely!



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