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Well Done! Super Dad!

Well done

A lovely story hit the news this week about a Dad on board a plane with his daughter.

Finding that he had to be on a plane with his daughter on Halloween night meant that she would not be able to “Trick or Treat”.

This wonderful Dad decided he would make it right.  His daughter dressed up as a donut and he handed out candy to every passenger with a note that read:


Eliza Murphy of Good Morning America wrote:

“Stephanie Kahan, one of the passengers on the San Francisco-bound flight from Boston, was happy to oblige. She tweeted two photos of the festive in-flight activity that went wildly viral with more than 30,000 retweets by the time the plane had landed.”

“He was sitting behind me. When I noticed that my tweet had about 5,000 re-tweets I realized that this was something big,” she recalled. “I leaned back to let him know what I had done. Since I had taken a photo of his daughter I just wanted to be sure he didn’t want me to delete the tweet.”

The dad was fine with her sharing the photos but “he asked to remain anonymous and was just glad that his gesture made people happy,” said Kahan.

What a very fun plane ride for Molly!  And for all of the other passengers as well!  Full of love and joy and you know what we think of that!






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