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Well Done – Choose Light And Love

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  It is the day we celebrate the life of Dr. King and honor the man who is synonymous with the American Civil Rights movement.  He is remembered with gratitude and respect for many things.  But perhaps nothing he said in all his many speeches and national and international addresses was more profound, more powerful, or more pertinent to us today, than these words about light and love.You’ve no doubt heard them again and again over the years.  We’ve quoted them here on Two Chums. But take a moment today and ponder them…sit with them for a few minutes and let them truly sink in to your heart and soul.

There is much anger and fear and frustration and contention every time we turn on the television or radio, or pick a newspaper, or glance at our cellphones or computers.  There seems to be more darkness and hatefulness than many of us can ever remember.  So how timely and important these words of Dr. King are especially right now.

We cannot change the events or circumstances we see all around us.  We more than likely have differences of opinion about the way things are going, or should be going, with some of our closest friends and even family members.  Many of us have been witness to, or even found ourselves engaged in, heated and angry debates about differing points of view.  It is unlikely we will persuade anyone to see things our way, or to even consider them, when we come at them in that way.  We all seem to find ourselves in dark places at least at sometime or other in our lives.

So it is very encouraging and powerful to remember that the dark and angry places of our hearts and minds cannot drive out the darkness in the world.  Nor can angry, critical, hateful attitudes drive out the hatred we seek to destroy.  As Dr. King has reminded us, only love can do that.

These are complicated times with a simple solution.  Today, and then tomorrow, and the day after, and everyday, let us each do our own part to drive out the darkness and hatred in this world by doing what Dr. King admonished us to do…seek light and choose love.

Thank you, Dr. King.  Well Done!

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