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Victoria – Season 2

If you spend any time with us at Two Chums your know we have a great fondness for the British royals…current and past.  Last year PBS did a series on the life of Queen Victoria beginning when she was a very young girl and became the Queen, and the season went through the time she married her beloved Albert.  Now Season 2 has begun.  Actually the first episode aired last Sunday evening and will be airing each Sunday for the next several weeks so check your local listing for times and then set your DVR.   If you missed the first episode you can look for it to be rerun on your local PBS station, or buy Episode 1 of the second season on Amazon here.

You can also make a $5 dollar donation to your PBS station and watch the last season if you missed it.  Go to and search Victoria for instructions on logging in.

We do love those royals and the story of their lives, loves, and reigns.  If you are a novice where royals are concerned this is a good way to get your feet wet with royal watching and catch the royal “bug” your Two Chums have happily been bitten by.  At any rate it is a glimpse at history, albeit a little fictionalized, but why not pretend to be a fly on that wall and have a look inside the Victorian Buckingham Palace.

Make a cup of tea and some shortbread, and be ready to be educated and entertained all at the same time 🙂



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