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Her Majesty Queen (Alexandrina) Victoria

Queen Victoria…a name well known today – well known for many reasons.

  1. Her name was not actually Victoria.  She was named ‘Alexandrina’ after her godfather, the Russian Tsar        Alexander I and, up until her coronation when she chose to use her middle name, Victoria, she was called “Drina”.
  2. Seven people had to die in order for Victoria to become queen and die they did with no legitimate heir                 leaving Victoria to be the one to step up onto the throne.
  3. Victoria is credited for starting the trend of a bride wearing white at her wedding.
  4. Because she was Queen, she had to propose to Albert and not the other way around.
  5. They were very much in love and were married for 20 years until Albert’s death.
  6. Victoria and Albert had nine children.
  7. After Albert’s death, Victoria spent the rest of her life in mourning.
  8. Up until the current Queen, Queen Victoria was the longest reigning monarch, reigning for 63 years.

If you are not already watching the really wonderful series on PBS about Queen Victoria, start!  We feel sure you will love it!






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