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True Blue

Did you ever wonder where the saying “true blue” comes from?  We all know people who are loyal and steadfast friends.  These are the people we can always count on to come through for us regardless of the circumstances.  Hopefully we all have family or friends who we describe as “true blue”, but where did that saying come from and what did it originally refer to.

A little research revealed the answer.  In Coventry, England during the Middle Ages, the town had a reputation for having dyers who produced fabric, dyed “Coventry blue”, that didn’t fade with repeated washings.  It remained ‘fast’ or ‘true’.  Thus the phrase, “true blue”, originally referring to dyed colorfast fabric, became associated with anyone who held fast to a principle or loyal to another person or group.

So now you know 🙂 Here’s to those people in each of our lives that we can count on to be there for us.  And let’s all strive to be that person to someone special to us as well.  Let’s be those people that others can easily describe as being “true blue”!




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