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This Definitely Needs To Be Said!

We were scrolling through Facebook and this wonderful piece popped up which had been reprinted by Randy, Randy Northrup.  We know all of our chums will appreciate reading this.

“Though all of us can eventually trace our lineage back to oneness, all carrying a varied blood in our veins—the surface level differences matter to those torch-bearers in Charlotteville. They value only white lives and white voices above anything else, and so we whose pigmentation matches theirs need to speak with unflinching clarity about this or we simply “Amen it”.
So I’m saying it.
We are not with you, torch-bearers, in Charlottesville or anywhere.
We do no consent to this.
In fact we stand against you, alongside the very beautiful diversity that you fear.
We stand with people of every color and of all faiths, people of every nationality and native tongue.
We are not going to have this. This is not the country we’ve built together and we will not allow it to become what you intend it to become.
Our diverse, unified, multi-colored chorus declares that your racism and your terrorism will not win the day.
Believe it!”

Spread love, spread joy, spread them again and again and again!




 (Randy Northrup reprinted this from his friend Chuck Lamb but it was originally from Pastor John Pavlovitz)


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