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The Perfect Gift For The Queen

Well, well!

We are told that Meghan Markle’s choice for a Christmas gift for HRM Queen Elizabeth, her future grandmother-in-law, was a huge hit!

Apparently,  when the Queen unwrapped the gift to reveal a toy hamster with a pull string which, when pulled, made the hamster sing, she was delighted and, according to Mirror UK, she couldn’t help but laugh and say that her dogs will now have company.

A source said that the little hamster had a Santa Claus suit on. It also had a rope behind it that when pulled, made it sing a Christmas song.  Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs found the hamster and “mauled” it to pieces.

So the corgis had a great time with this gift and we can only imagine how happy that made the corgis’ “Mummy”, the Queen!  It is no secret that the Queen adores her dogs and horses and there is little, if anything, she would not do for them.

Well done, Meghan.  That was a tough choice and, apparently, you “nailed” it!



































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