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The Final Bow

The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, saddened the world and brought with it great emotion.

After great deliberation about how she should be buried, it was decided that she should have a public funeral which gave her public a chance to show their respects.

The coffin,  accompanied by eight Welsh Guards, left from Kensington Palace which had been her home.  It passed St. James’ Palace where William, Harry, Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Earl Spencer (Diana’s brother) joined the procession.  As the procession passed Buckingham Palace, the home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen made a very rare gesture.  She bowed her head.

This may seem like a small thing but, trust us, it was a VERY large act of humility and respect.  Coming on the heels of a few years of battling, it said volumes. The Queen was showing her public that she, too, had great respect for the person her public had dubbed “Queen of Hearts”.

Love and humility certainly win the day!








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