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The Christmas Pickle

What does Christmas have to do with a pickle?  As we’ve learned, it wouldn’t be Christmas without one in many homes.  The story goes that it is an old German tradition for parents to hide a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree on Christmas eve.  Because it is green, it is hard to spot amongst the boughs on the tree.

The first child who can find it Christmas morning receives a  gift and a special blessing for the coming year.  Sounds good right?

Of course it does! Yet many contend that this isn’t really an old German tradition at all, but rather the idea of some clever salesmen in the late 1800’s to sell more ornaments.  The point is, however it came about, for many families, Christmas just wouldn’t seem right without the pickle.  Everyone loves a good tradition no matter who started it.   If you are in the market for some fun and a new tradition for your family, this may be just the thing for your family too.  You can sometimes find these Christmas pickle ornaments at the 99 cents store, or you can buy one on Amazon here.

Happy decorating and enjoy your traditions this season whatever they may be 🙂

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