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Terrific Two!

Your Two Chums seem to be running to catch up this week but we could not let this celebration go by without posting something about it.  

Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Catherine and William, on Tuesday turned 2!  Her mother took the wonderful photograph above to celebrate the milestone and this message was officially sent out by Kensington Palace with the photo:

“The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new photograph of Princess Charlotte to mark her second birthday,” the couple said in a statement, followed by a note saying they “would like to thank everyone for the lovely messages they have received & hope that everyone enjoys this photograph as much as they do”.

The adorable sheep cardigan (sweater) that Charlotte is wearing has already sold out.  Understandably!

Many people are comparing Charlotte’s looks to her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.  What do you think?

Charlotte is 4th in line to the British throne, after her grandfather, Prince Charles, then her Daddy, Prince William, then her brother, George.  Big boots to fill, for sure.

Here is another darling photograph of the Queen at 14 months old.

Every girl needs her pearls…..your Two Chums certainly believe this to be true!

When these photographs were taken of the Queen, there was was little chance that she would be Queen of England.  Her Uncle Edward, being older than Elizabeth’s father, would take the throne when their father passed on but he then abdicated to “marry the woman I love” and that left “Bertie”, Elizabeth’s father wearing the crown as King George VI!   Bertie was not thrilled as he had a very hard time speaking in public but he did what was expected of him.   When he passed on at the early age of 57, Elizabeth took the throne.  She was a mere 26 years old.

With being 4th in line to the throne, we cannot imagine that Charlotte will ever have to wear than crown but you never know!

At this very point in time, her time is spent frolicking in the countryside, playing with her brother George and enjoying their dog, Lupo.  Oh, and yes, she is going to be a flower girl at the wedding of her Aunt Pippa.

Wishing that sweet little Princess Charlotte, albeit belatedly, a year full to the brim with JOY!





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