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Teacher Appreciation

The end of the school year is fast approaching.  Children will say goodbye to their classmates and their teachers. Telling those teachers “thank you” and letting them know how very appreciated they are for all they have done should never be overlooked.  Your words and small tokens of appreciation can mean more than you might realize to those women and men who help to shape our children’s world and even their futures.  But sometimes finding the right words or small gift to give as a token of your appreciation can be hard.  So today we have a few suggestions for you 🙂 These are some fun and inexpensive ways to tell your children’s teachers how much you value and appreciate their contributions to your child.

A pretty little potted plant, or orchid maybe, can be a lovely way to let your child say thank you.  Especially when you attach a sweet note that reads “Thank you for helping me grow” and let your little one sign his or her name.

Now who wouldn’t welcome a fresh bottle of some pretty sparkly nail polish to use over the summer?  And add that perfect gift tag “thank you for helping me sparkle” and you have a fun way to to say “thank you” to a special teacher. Note: if your child’s teacher happens to be man, you might want to pass on this gift 🙂

Head out to Home Goods or Marshalls or your local craft store and pick up an inexpensive but decorative framed chalk board and write this message on it – “the Influence of a good Teacher can NEVER be erased”. The note becomes the gift.

Everyone is busy, especially if you have children at home.  But of all the lessons they may have learned this past year, none may be more important to your children’s lives than learning to remember to show their appreciation.  No matter what words or gift you chose, as the first card above says “We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”.  What love, joy and abundance expressing our gratitude brings!

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  1. Allison #

    Great ideas!! xo

    May 18, 2017

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