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Tally-Ho! There Goes HRM!

And there she goes.  At 90 years old, HRM Queen Elizabeth II, is still riding and loving it!

Nothing can keep her down, obviously.  This is one of her favorite pastimes, if not her very favorite….and it shows.   Here we see her Head Groom, Terry Pendry, following right behind her as she is atop her beautiful mare, Cartlonlima Emma.

The Queen had her first riding lesson when she was 3 years old and has never looked back.  She has been heard to explain that she loves riding as it allows her to be “just another human being”.

You might wonder why the Queen does not wear a hard hat….we all know that it is the cautious thing to do.  She apparently does not like to wear one, preferring a soft, silk scarf instead, as she does not want her hair to get out of place.  Every hair has to be in its place when she appears anywhere!

Well done, HRM Queen Elizabeth!  Quite glorious!  Quite abundant!





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