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Savvy Secrets – Kindness

Your Two Chums are convinced that the kinder you are, the better you will feel.   Read more

Savvy Secrets for Traveling

This is the time of year when many people are traveling…traveling home for the Holidays, perhaps.  We have a few great tips on how to do that! Read more

Savvy Secrets

With the Holiday Season right here, we wanted to share some Savvy Secrets that we hope you find useful. Read more

Savvy Secrets

Yes, it’s time for Saaaaavvy Secrets! Read more

(Drum Roll) Saaavvy Secrets!

Savvy secrets photo
Yes, you’ve got ’em!  Some great Savvy Secrets, thanks to Philipp Jahner of Buzz-Feed-Redaktion. Read more

Savvy Secrets – Use Baking Soda!

Savvy secrets photo

We found these great tips by Jade Copple and could not resist sharing them… Read more

Dear Chums

Dear Chums

We received this question from one of our chums…
Read more

Kitchenesque Savvy Secrets!

Some fabulous easy-to-follow tips for your work in the kitchen! Read more

Yeah! More Savvy Secrets!

Here we are again with more Savvy Secrets!  We know that sugar is a sweetener but can it be helpful as well?  Read more

Yeah! Even MORE Savvy Secrets!

Thanks, Lynette, for sending us these wonderful tips.   Read more

Potpourri of Savvy Secrets

One of our chums, Lisa, shared this potpourri of very useful Savvy Secrets and now we are passing it on to you, the rest of our chums 🙂
Read more

Savvy Secrets

It’s that time again.  As you know from time to time we want to share with you some helpful and interesting ideas that will make life simpler, easier, tidier, and maybe just more beautiful.  Check out these savvy secrets.  There are bound to be some here you will appreciate.  Read more

Savvy Secrets – Tension Used In Great Ways!

Oh my goodness, we did not know there were so many ways to use a tension rod and are so happy to share these with you!

Following, you will find ten ways to use tension in a grand way! Read more

Savvy Secrets

Here we are again with ten more “Savvy Secrets”!  We hear of these wonderful helpful hints and cannot help but want to share them. Our dear friend Nancie shared these with us.  If you have some helpful hints or some savvy secrets we would love to hear them.
Read more

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