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Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

Lay-zEh leh bAwn taw rOO-leh!  Today is the day!  Yes, today IS the day! Read more

Well Done!

 This heartwarming story was shared by Good MOrning America and, it is that good that your Two Chums want to share it with you!

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Real Abundance – A Christmas Shopping Guideline

1915 Letter to Santa There is a BIG difference between this letter written to Santa by a young child in 1915 and any letter to Santa you might read today.  This child is asking for a box of paints, a nine cent reader (a book he needed for school) and  a school bag to put them all in.  He goes on to say that in case Santa has any nuts or candy or toys he could also send along, those would make this 7 year old boy very happy. Things have certainly changed.
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Weddings – Expect The Unexpected

We have talked a lot this week about being sure to hold onto your joy throughout the weeks and months leading up to your wedding and today we are really stressing that point as, inevitably, some things will go “sideways”, as they say, and you want to be in a position, emotionally, to handle those moments well. Read more

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