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Savvy Secrets – Organize Your Closet

Summer is fast approaching.  Maybe this is a good time for some clean out and organization in your closets and drawers.  If so, we’ve got some good ideas for you to make more space and get organized.

You can double the amount of hanger space in your closet by using the pop tops from canned drinks and slipping them over the hanger to allow a second hanger to be added and gives you a second layer of hanging space.

Increase your shoe storage space, and utilize sometimes wasted wall space, by installing a 1″ x 1″r moulding on the wall of your closet from which to hang your high heeled shoes.

Another way to utilize empty wall space in your closet is to hang your seasonal handbags from storage hooks.  They are easy to get to and you will probably use bags that otherwise stay hidden and never get used.  And it can make a fun and colorful display all at the same time.

If you don’t have  extra wall space in your closet for storing your handbags, use shower curtain rings on your closet rod and hang your handbags from the rings.  Easy to see and easy to reach.

Keep your clothes from falling off the hangers with three options for creating “grips” and keeping clothes in place.
Option #1: Wrap the top of the hanger with pipe cleaners
Option #2: Wrap rubber bands around the hanger about three inches in from each edge
Option #3: Make a squiggly line of hot glue on the top edge of your hangers on both sides of the hanger.

Use pant hangers to keep pairs of boots together and off the floor if you have room on the rod in your closet.

Use shower curtain hooks on the bottom of a hanger to hold your scarves.  You’ll keep your scarves easy to get to and they will have less wrinkles than they might if stored in a drawer.  And you have the added advantage of being able to see scarves that you might forget about if they were kept in a drawer.

Install tension rods and hangings bars, or the hardware for a filing cabinet, in a dresser drawer.  Then instead of folding and stacking your T-shirts and knit tops, simply drop them over the racks so you can easily see each shirt and choose the one that works best with your outfit without digging through your drawer looking for it.

If you are keeping your boots on the floor of your closet, cut pool float tubes to the length of your boot tops and install them in each boot to keep them upright.  Your boots will stay neater and in better shape if they are not flopped over on top of each other.  You can buy these pool float tubes at your local 99 Cent Only Store or Dollar Tree.

Place a shoe holder on the back of your closet door, but instead of using it for holding shoes, roll up your panties, bras, and tights or stockings, and place them in the shoe holder pockets.  They are easy to see and easy to get to.  And now you have freed up another drawer in your dresser.

Keep those summer flip flops in easy reach.  Using the wire hangers that come back from the dry cleaners, cut the bottom of the hanger in the middle and bend up the wire on both sides to create “loops” from which to hang the pairs of flip flops.  Make these flip flop hangers decorative by wrapping the middle with pretty ribbon or decorative papers and use your hot glue gun to hold these in place.

Wall shelves with decorative supports below, make great sweater or shirt shelves when installed upside down in your closet.  The under supports will keep stacks of sweaters or shirts from falling over or shifting on the shelf, resulting in neat and tidy stacks of clothing that can be organized by color or style, meaning all short sleeved shirts together, all polo necks together, all V-necks etc.

Having things well displayed and easy to reach makes getting ready faster, and cuts down on clutter and chaos in your closet.  You can quickly see what you have, what your choices are, and what you may need to buy to fill in your wardrobe.  And let’s face it, seeing things looking neat and tidy is bound to make you feel better.  Being organized goes a long way to making life more abundant 🙂

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