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Savvy Secrets – Marking Your Territory

If you are like most households these days, you have many power cords for your tech devices all about your home.  Between phones, tablets, computers, and game devices, etc. it can be hard to tell which charger belongs to whom.  So today we have an idea for you to keep it all straight and this solution isn’t just limited to power cords 🙂  We came across an idea we love because it is easy to use, and solves a problem simply and decoratively.  This was a photo we found in Real Simple magazine and it triggered the idea that this was a great way to distinguish which phone power cord belongs to which family member.

The idea was to mark each cord with washi tape.  The more we thought about it, the more we thought it was surely worth bringing to our chums, because this idea isn’t limited to power cords. Each person in your household can have his or her own roll of decorative tape to mark the belongings that might get mixed up with someone else’s things.  You can buy washi tape at craft stores like Michaels, or in the craft department of Target or Walmart.  Or if you want to keep things really simple you can order it on line here at Amazon.

This is just one example.  The tape comes in many colors and designs and is very reasonably priced. Simple, easy to use, and happily will stop any disagreements about whose things are who’s.  And if you have children they will love being able to “mark their own territory”.

Happy marking 🙂

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