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Savvy Secrets – Help Us To Remember!

What a fun few “ditties” to help us remember important facts:

  1. The order of the planets from the sun:
  2. When to use “gray” and “grey”:

  3. When to use “affect” and “effect”:

  4. How to remember who is one which bill:

  5. How to spell “necessary”:

  6. How to set the table:

  7. How to remember the number of days in a month:

    OR the other way is:

    30 days has September,
    April, June, and November
    All the rest have 31
    Except february
    Which once in 4,
    Had one day more.

  8. How to remember the first five books in the Old Testament of The Bible:

  9. How to remember how to spell “dessert”:

OR, another way is that desert is less (one “s”) and dessert is more (2 “s’s”)

10.  How to remember the order of the five Great Lakes:

Thank you, once again, Buzzfeed, for these wonderful Savvy Secrets, otherwise known as Helpful Hints!

With love from your Two Chums, the creators of “Savvy Secrets!


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