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Savvy Secrets for Traveling

This is the time of year when many people are traveling…traveling home for the Holidays, perhaps.  We have a few great tips on how to do that!

If you are taking a hat and not wearing it, put some clothing in it and place it in your suitcase with clothing around it.  This way, it will keep its good shape.

Most people travel with their jewelry in a jewelry pouch in their hand luggage but a great way to take chains and not have them get tangled is to thread them, one at a time, through a straw.  No knots there!

All of the packing experts will tell you that “rolling” is the answer.  Roll your cloths to pack them.  You will be able to pack more and your things will be less wrinkled at the other end.

Take small quantities of your face cream, face powder, hand cream, etc. in your handbag by putting them in contact lens holders.  Just the right amount for the travel time!

Put belts in the collar of a blouse or shirt to keep the shape of the collar.

If you are traveling with pressed powder, eyeshadow, or blush, place a piece of cotton wool between the powder and the cover.  This way, the powder will not crack when jostled around.

Another use for old contact lens cases:  little jewelry items like small earrings and backs.

Finally, here is a chart that we saw on BussFeed (along with all of these other tips) that will be most helpful.  Print it out and that way you can see it easily.

And oh yes, one more thing, do not forget to pack the two most important things:  LOVE and JOY!


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