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Savvy Secrets – Coffee Filters

Savvy secrets photo Who knew there were SO many uses around the house for the humble coffee filter?  We have a list we think you’ll be glad to have 🙂coffee-filters-001. Put a filter in the bottom of your flowerpot, over the drainage holes. This keeps the soil from leaving the container while still allowing water to run through it. house-plants-07 2. Soak filters in brewed tea or even just plain water and chill. Fold them and use as a cold compress for puffy eyes.

3. A coffee filter is perfect for spreading oil or butter on a cooking pan. The coffee filter’s fibers won’t break off in your oils like a paper towel.

4. Protect china dishes from scratches and nicks by layering a filter between each piece when stacking or packing for a move.FFPNPSTGSNQR8L0.MEDIUM 5. Use a coffee filter as a makeshift rag. Coffee filters are lint free and are perfect for cleaning windows, glass tabletops and mirrors. You can also use them to clean dust from computer screens or TV screens and the good quality ones can safely be used to clean your glasses.

6. Use to drain fried chicken, French fries, bacon, or anything you fry.

7. Use coffee filters with several spoonsful of baking soda to refresh smelly tennis shoes overnight. Coffee-Filters.jpg-300x215

8. Use to spot clean your clothes. When you get a spot, dampen a coffee filter with a bit of white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide and dab the spot. It will reduce the spot greatly, if not make it disappear altogether.

9. You can use a coffee filter to create a bouquet garni for seasoning soups and stews.  Wrap fresh herbs in a coffee filter and tie with twine.  Drop into your soup or stew.  When finished, simply remove the packet and enjoy your dinner. FOJF70PGSNQR8P3.MEDIUM

10. If you cut yourself while shaving, tear off a small piece from a coffee filter and apply it to the cut with some firm pressure.    The coffee filter will work somewhat like a styptic pencil but without the stinging.

11.To prevent holes in your clothes when wearing a pin, try putting a piece of coffee filter inside your clothing as a “stabilizer”. It makes the cloth sturdier and the pin is less likely to snag the garment being pinned.

12.Use as a spot lifter on carpets and upholstery when you have spills. The fibers in the coffee filter will quickly absorb the spill. absorb-spills-08

13. You can use a coffee filter to diffuse the flash on your camera and soften the sharp light it creates.

14. Use instead of tissue paper to wrap Christmas ornaments.

15. Use a cone shaped coffee filter as an instant funnel. Simply cut off the tip and insert it into the container you want to fill.

Get yourself a package of coffee filters at the grocery store, Walmart or Target, or even the 99 Cents Only store.  They are cheap and as you can see can be used in a myriad of ways.  You might have some ways to use them we haven’t yet heard about.  Let us know so we can share them with all our chums.  Sharing good ideas and savvy secrets will make all our lives just that much more abundant 🙂


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  1. Pam lynch #

    Super hints

    July 7, 2014
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    Love these!

    July 9, 2014

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