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Savvy Secrets

With the Holiday Season right here, we wanted to share some Savvy Secrets that we hope you find useful.Use egg cartons to store your smaller ornaments.  Certainly, if they protect your eggs, they are going to protect your ornaments!

Use the Costco apple containers to store your larger ornaments.

Take time to wrap and use love in the wrapping!  A beautifully wrapped present is such a joy to receive and is, after all, part of your gift.  If you really  do not feel that you are capable of doing a pretty wrap, use a gift bag with lots of tissue paper bubbling out of the top.

Use a garment bag with a hanger to keep your wrapping paper… this goes for all wrapping paper;  not just your holiday wrap.

Or, cordon off the corner of your closet with two tension rods and stand the wrapping paper up behind them.

Doing a major clean for the Holidays?  Dust your television screens and other monitors with a coffee filter to avoid the dreaded white fuzz!

Needing to really get your hanging pots clean?  Use Bar Keepers Friend – the spots come right off!

And remember that the Holidays do not occur every year to stress us out.  They actually are here to help us have more joy.  If you are finding it hard to stay in that joyful mode,  get off the mental treadmill for a minute and focus on what is really important about the Holidays.  Gratitude…..gratitude will bring the joy back EVERY time!




PS  Thanks, BuzzFeed for all of the tips!

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  1. Catherine Hunter #

    Great tips ladies! Thank you and I hope you are enjoying the holiday season:)

    December 4, 2017
    • Two Chums #

      For sure we are! We hope you are too!

      December 4, 2017

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