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Savvy Secrets – Some Fun Stocking Stuffers!

Ah yes!  Some great Savvy Secrets!


  1.  Here’s a great way to water your plants.

2.  We are told that every house should have a fire extinguisher and here is a really fun one to have.

3.  Need some new dryer balls.  Why not get these darling cactus ones?

4.  Just the right size to serve one kind of favorite cheese.  Find it here.

5.  Need a new sink strainer.  Why not get this cute fishy one?  (This one happens to be red and a fish but there are several different colors and animals to choose from.)

6.  Every house needs a sheep and this one is wonderful to put your feet on.

7.  A great stocking stuffer….a whale nail brush!  Find it here.

8.  A great little penguin to keep your lunch box cool….find it here.

9.  Need a new spoon rest?  This is a fun one that looks like a rather large ravioli!  Find it here.

10.  And the wooden, heart-shaped spoon.  After all, it’s the love that makes the food good!  Find it here.

We are told by a lot of our chums that Savvy Secrets is one of their favorite posts.  So grateful to be able to share them with all of you.  Yes, they add more joy, for sure, love and, in a lot of cases, tons of laughter!


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