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Savvy Secrets

Yes!  Some Savvy Secrets!

Some very fun, useful “savvy secrets”!

Wide awake at the crack of dawn.  Invest in this comfortable mask and you are set!

Are your white wash towels “dirty” looking even after they have been washed because you or a guest has used     them to take off their black eye make-up?  Invest in these and you are set!


Do you find that you have a “ridge” when you take your pony elastic out of your hair.  Get some of these and no more ridges!

Never have a dull knife again!  When next you reach for your “sharp” knife only to find it is not sharp, have one of these handy and you are all set!

Put a tension shower rod under your sink in the kitchen for a roll of paper towel and your spray bottles.

The answer to loose scarves!  Put shower curtain rings on a hanger and pop those scarves through!

Stored boots won’t stay straight?  Buy a $1 noodle that the children use in the pool and cut it in half.  Stuff down into your boots and never look back!

Need to neaten up your shoes in the bottom of your closet?  Put two shower tension rods at the bottom of the closet and your shoes then have a new home.  (There are two rows of two in the photo.)

Thanks, BuzzFeed.  You might call them something else, but we call them SAVVY SECRETS!







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