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Savvy Secrets

We found these very fun Savvy Secrets (as we know them) at Buzz Feed.  Lots of food for thought here to spruce up your dwelling!

1.   Use inexpensive napkin rings with ribbon to hang your shower curtain

2.  Or, simply use ribbons

3.  Use inexpensive ready-made curtains (Target, Walmart or Bed, Bath and Beyond) to cover up your utilitarian shelving units

4.  A plastic shower rod with hide your television wires beautifully.  You can buy different colors or paint it the same color as your wall

5.  Use curtain rods to make a canopy bed / Via

6.  Or a “bowed” rod (usually sold for bathrooms) to make a living room look more formal and billowy


7.  Put a rubber door mat on top of your vent to make it more decorative

 8.  Nail a wooden mirror to the front of your wardrobe doors and then paint them the same color as the doors

9.  Put a footed cake plate by your sink to house your soap and hand cream

10.  Be sure, when putting a rug in your bedroom, to heed this advice


More joy, for sure, which makes for more abundant living!

Thanks, Buzz Feed!

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