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Royals Marrying “Commoners”

With all this talk about Prince Harry “about to propose” to Meghan Markle, we thought we would take a look at what it takes for a “Royal” to marry a “Commoner”.

  1.  In England, the Queen has to give her permission for a Royal to marry.  It is much easier these days to get that permission but, still, it has to be sought.
  2. In Japan, when a Royal woman marries a commoner, she is forced to give up everything Royal.  When Japan’s Princess Mako marries her college sweetheart, she’ll have to give up her crown, royal status, and her place in the Royal family. The Imperial Household Law in Japan forces women to abandon their crown when they marry commoners. This rule doesn’t apply to men.
  3. If a commoner is politically involved before marrying into the Royals, he or she has to give it all up.  A Royal is expected to be very neutral when it comes to politics.
  4. Once you are in the Royal fold, your job is to “work” for what they call the “firm”.  Any career aspirations you may have had prior, …..gone!
  5. No lobster, no crab, no shrimp!  Although we feel sure that they might “sneak” these yummy foods when alone at home, never do the British Royals eat it out for fear of an allergic reaction or poisoning.   Why only with these foods, we are not sure!.
  6. If you are eating in the presence of the Queen, you can only be eating when she is eating.  So, you pick up your knife and fork when she does and you put it down when she has finished her meal, whether you are finished or not!  Now, we do know that the Queen is full, to the brim, with grace, so we feel sure that she is not going to put her final bite in before she knows that most people have finished as well.  The sign of a good hostess!
  7. Clearly, if a commoner is even close to being engaged to a Royal, all of their life story (and some that isn’t!) becomes public knowledge and the subject of great chatter and judgement!
  8. If you marry into a Royal family, probably keeping your opinions to yourself is the safest bet!
  9. No garlic, please!  No, none at all!  Royals must have sweet breath!
  10. And finally, if you are marrying into the Royals, find your “gracious button”.  If you do not feel you have one, find one!  It’s there somewhere to be tapped on and you will definitely need it!

Love, joy and, just for this once, GRACE!  Yes, these three make for an abundant life!





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