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Royal-Tea For Royalty -Jam Pennies

Yesterday we told you that HRM Queen Elizabeth II is still riding her beloved horse and loving every minute of it.  Today we are going to tell you, after she rides, what she has for tea.  According to the Daily Mail, Darren McGrady, who worked in the Buckingham Palace kitchen for some fifteen years, revealed that the Queen is actually a woman of simple tastes.  When she takes her afternoon tea, the Queen has scones, usually something chocolate, and a couple of simple sandwiches.  One of her favorites is Jam Pennies.  These are truly simple sandwiches made up of butter, either strawberry or raspberry jam, and white bread cut with a biscuit cutter into little circles the size of an old English penny…..thus the name, Jam Pennies.

This is a delightful treat that is easy enough for anyone to make and tasty enough for a queen!  Simple pleasures bring us lots of joy and make our lives full and abundant 🙂

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