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Pumpkins In Plaid

Who says Halloween pumpkins have to have scary or funny faces?  We have another idea 🙂  These could hardly be simpler or more fun.  Somewhere along the way we came across a photo of some mini pumpkins that had been covered in a large Buffalo plaid fabric and we thought “why not paint them in a plaid design?”.  So that’s what we did!

So easy.  Using simple acrylic paints from Michaels, and a 1″ wide flat brush, we simply painted vertical stripes from the stem of the pumpkin to the bottom all the way around leaving an equal amount of the natural “white” of the pumpkin showing through.  When we finished that step, it looked like a striped pumpkin (which would also have been a fun design).  Then we painted horizontal stripes around the pumpkin, again leaving “white” stripes as we went along.  In the places where the vertical and horizontal stripes intersect the paint formed a darker “square” creating a real plaid effect.

We used a wide brush and made relatively wide stripes because that was the look we were going for, but you could also use a narrower brush or even a very fine brush and make a smaller plaid. You might even want to add a thin stripe inside the thicker stripe to make a sort of double plaid.  Or maybe use orange pumpkins and paint the plaidThe possibilities are endless!

Using your creative energy to decorate 69 cent mini pumpkins from Trader Joes?…. oh the joy and abundance! 🙂

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