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Paint Your Pumpkin

The simple pumpkin is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most readily available elements for decorating this Fall season.  There is just something so festive and pleasant about seeing home after home with pretty orange pumpkins in all kinds of shapes and sizes adorning walkways and porches.  But not everyone is a fan of pumpkin’s common orange color for decorating inside their homes.  There is a simple, easy, fun and cheap remedy for that decorating challenge….PAINT YOUR PUMPKIN!   Here are some ideas and examples of ways you can bring Fall’s favorite icon inside without being restricted to only using orange (whether it works with your decor or not) OR settling for plain white pumpkins…pretty, but sometimes a little boring.

Black and white….polka dots and stripes…these are designs and colors always in style


Blend various shades of similar colors into each other to create an embre effect.

Drip paint in coordinated colors from the stem of your pumpkin down.

(photography: Richard Banks)

Graduate coordinated colors on several pumpkins and display them all together


Paint pumpkins any color you prefer and then apply glitter to the stem with some glue for a bit of POP!

You can either drip a rainbow of paint colors down your pumpkin from the stem OR one at a time hold crayons in graduating colors at the stem and melt them with a blow dryer allowing the waxy crayon to drip down the sides.  Overlapping  the colors as you go.

Paint your pumpkins a variety of wonderful colors and then spatter them with gold or silver paint for a finishing bit of sparkle (and don’t forget to paint the stem too)

Creating a display of your painted works of art as is done here by can make a lovely focal point in any room.

Decorating our homes and our lives with lovely and embellished simple objects is just one way to celebrate the arrival of each new season.  Oh the joys of Fall and the possibilities that pumpkins can bring to decorating for it!  More love, more joy, more abundant living 🙂



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