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Home On The Ranch – Dressing Mix

1067957Who doesn’t love Ranch Dressing? Whether used as a salad dressing or as a dip for chips or veggies, Ranch Dressing is arguably America’s favorite*. ¬† And the mix you use to make the dressing or dip is easy to make at home ūüôā ¬† Read more



When my darling father passed on in the Bahamas, we held a memorial service for him there. ¬†My dear Chum, Robin, and her husband, Randy, could not be in the Bahamas for the service so they had a superb dinner in his honor on our return. ¬† The dinner was held outside and Dennis (my husband), my adorable Mother and I were the last people to arrive. ¬†As we arrived and walked out into the back garden, “It’s a Wonderful World” by none other than Louis Armstrong was lilting down to us. ¬†It was as if my father was singing to us – he was telling us that it is a wonderful world and for us to go on enjoying it, even though he was not physically with us. ¬† Read more

Well Done!

tumblr_inline_obeg7p11IH1txsth0_1280This is the Good Samaritan, Matthew….

As you know, your Two Chums always love to share good things that they hear about.  This one will put a smile on your face. Read more

Simple Summer Supper – Salmon Salad

IMG_5938We couldn’t resist the title of today’s post….it was just too fun to use alliteration here. ¬†But what is more fun, is eating this yummy salad! ¬† Read more

Watermelons, Anyone?

Watermelons_0F88A4E7D8BB4We have, in the past, shared how we pick watermelons at the grocery store but we saw this great advice on Brightside and thought it might be really helpful to our chums. Read more

Tomato Cheese Pie

IMG_9326One of summer’s best gifts is the delicious and plentiful bounty of tomatoes. ¬†Today we have a wonderful way to use this sweet and delicious harvest. ¬† Read more

A La Mrs. John F. Kennedy


Last Thursday would have been Jacqueline Kennedy’s 87th birthday! ¬†What a very gracious lady she was. ¬† Read more

Simple Supper – Spaghetti’s Easy Sauce

IMG_5553Who doesn’t love a bowl of simple pasta with simple sauce? ¬† Read more

Well Done!


Oh golly how we love to share “well dones”! ¬†We are sure you will agree, this (originally shared by Lauren Levy) is a really touching one… Read more

A Treat For Fairies – Strawberry Toadstools

IMG_1699Don’t you think little fairies having a tea party in the back garden deserve a special treat? So do we! ūüôā Read more

Einstein Says…

Albert_Einstein_by_ken_chenWe wanted to share some more Albert Einstein quotes with you all. Read more

Happy Birthday, Three-Year Old

This past Friday marked the third birthday of the lovable Prince George. Read more

Keep Calm And Carry On


One of our very favorite sayings, plucked out of II World War England is “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Read more

Wrap It Up

IMG_4434If you know anything about Two Chums, you know we love a well wrapped, pretty package ūüôā ¬† Read more

What On Earth Does GOP Stand For?


With the Republican National Convention being center stage this week, our thought rested on, “How did the letters ‘GOP’ come into being?” Read more

Keep On Pressing On

Read more

“I Got You”

Yesterday, tragically, this 32 year old Baton Rouge police officer, Montrell Jackson, was killed.  Just days before, he made a post on Facebook we can and should all take to heart.   Read more



What do you think, chums?  Can we do this? Read more

It’s Never Too Late

If you are old enough to read this post, chances are you know this man.  But do you know his story? Read more

L’esprit Français

(Iconic French actress Brigitte Bardot)
Today is Bastille Day in France. ¬†So as a tribute to our French chums we thought we would acknowledge one of the many things the French are oh so good at….their sense of personal style!
Read more

A Good Egg

IMG_5449We have attempted in the past to give you some ideas about the best way to boil an egg.  Now we actually have THE BEST way! Read more

Choose Love


Where you are faced with a choice…. Read more

Synonymous With California


There are many things that are synonymous with California but one thing that is at the top of the list is… Read more

Some Great Reminders


Here are some wonderful reminders to finish off our week. Read more

Itsy Bitsy Bikini

KENDALL JENNER in Bikini at Mirage Hotel Pool in Las Vegas

KENDALL JENNER in Bikini at Mirage Hotel Pool in Las Vegas

It is hard to believe that seventy years have gone by since the bikini became “the thing” for the beach! Read more

Happy Organizing

organize-your-medicine-cabinetOne of the toughest places in our homes to organize and keep neat can be the medicine cabinet. ¬†Maybe that’s because most of us use our medicine cabinets for storing so many other things besides medicine. ¬†We’ve come across something that can help keep this little piece of real estate in our bathrooms tidy ūüôā ¬† Read more

Magic Mac N’ Cheese

IMG_4845If you know Two Chums at all you know we LOVE mac n’ cheese! ¬†We have a great one for you today ūüôā Read more

Hail To The Red, White and Blue!

All Hail to the Red, White and Blue…. Read more

Jefferson and Adams


On the 4th of July in 1826, former Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who were once fellow Patriots and then adversaries, died on the same day within five hours of each other. Read more

Fun Food For The 4th!

407601We gave you some fun decorating ideas yesterday for your 4th of July party. ¬†Today we have some fun food ideas ūüôā Read more

Bandana Fun For The 4th!

bandana-paisley-red_1Today we have some fun and easy ways to use bandanas at your 4th of July celebration ūüôā Read more

Gone With The Wind

gone-with-the-wind-gone-with-the-wind-3046350-1024-768Gone With The Wind…a true American classic! Read more

Americana Facts

It is hard to believe that June is almost over and the Fourth of July quickly looms.  Read more

Not Someday – Today

My granddaughter, Savannah recently completed 2nd grade.  Shortly before the end of school there was an open house for parents and grandparents to visit the classroom and see all the amazing things the children had done and learned over the year.  There were so many wonderful projects and reports and so much art work filling the walls everywhere you could look.  These children had clearly had a full and exciting year.  But one thing in particular caught my attention.   Read more

Summer Salads

As of this week, summer is officially here.  When the weather is so warm, there is nothing more inviting than a delicious summer salad.   Read more

Victoria Has A Secret To Keep The Mosquitos Away


A chum of ours came across a wonderful secret! ¬†An eau de parfume at Victoria’s Secret. Read more

Savvy Secrets

Savvy secrets photo

We love sharing these “Savvy Secrets” with you. ¬†There is just ONE this time but a really great ONE! Read more

Well Done! More Should Be This Way!


Minutes after Temar Boggs heard that 5-year old Jocelyn Rojas had gone missing, he noticed a suspicious car careening in and out of the side streets of his neighborhood.

Read more

Something Sweet For Dad – Butter Cake

IMG_4696Sunday fathers everywhere around this country will be celebrated. ¬†Most likely at lunch or dinner, families will gather together to honor “dear ol’ Dad”. ¬†We suspect your families are no different than ours in that. ¬†So whether you are still thinking about what to serve for dessert, or what you could give Dad that he doesn’t already have, we’ve got an idea for you….and it’s a yummy one at that! ¬†Everyone will love a piece of this classic Butter Cake. ¬† Read more

Savvy Secrets – A Quick Change

Savvy secrets photo

Need to make a change quickly (and very easily) to your look? Read more

Well Done – Aid In Orlando

12124337_1465879315.4418_updatesAmericans were shocked to awake to the news Sunday of yet another horrific terror attack in Orlando.  In the midst of the grief, anger, frustration, and the loud opinions being offered on all sides about what should be done moving forward to prevent further attacks, there were those who quietly went about helping without loud fanfare.   Read more

Flag Day


Today is Flag Day in the United States!  We found some fun facts about this very recognizable flag that we think you will enjoy. Read more

Long Live The Queen!


Saturday, 11 June, marked the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth and was quite a celebration….the whole weekend! Read more

Only Love


Happy Birthday, HRH Prince Philip


There is a lot going on in England this month and today is no different.  Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, turns 95 today!  He has been a very colorful gentleman through the years.  One of the things he says the Queen loves about him is that he makes her laugh! Read more

Well Done – Celebrating Black Music Month

In June of 1979, then President Jimmy Carter decreed that June would be Black Music Month.   Read more

Some Interesting Vice Presidential Facts


With the election here in the U.S. heating up, and the prospect of potential Vice Presidents being announced, here are some little known facts. Read more

Be Happy! That Is A Charge!


What is happiness anyway?  And where does it come from?  Other people? Read more

Washing Day Savvy Secrets

LaundryHacks11_550.jpg.rendition.largest.550In times gone by, Monday was designated as Wash Day. ¬†No matter what day (or days) of the week you do laundry, here are some Savvy Secrets that may make this job easier ūüôā Read more

Tea Anyone?


Needing a hostess gift for someone special? ¬†Here’s a great idea. Read more

Savvy Secrets For A Beautiful Home

Savvy secrets photo
House Beautiful magazine asked the country’s top interior designers for their best tips in decorating. ¬†We have 25 of those tips (or savvy secrets as we call them) ¬†for you today ūüôā ¬† Read more

It’s A Shoe In

Shoes copyIf you are anything like we are, there may be nothing that you LOVE getting more than a great pair of beautiful ¬†shoes! ¬†Today we have some “hacks” for shoes. ¬†If you aren’t familiar with the current popular definition of what a “hack” is, according to the urban dictionary, it is “a clever solution to a tricky problem.” ¬†So here we go with some clever solutions to some possible problems, and great ideas for taking care of your shoes. Read more

Well Done – A Happy Surprise

IMG_4178Yesterday was Memorial Day. ¬†All over the country people celebrated all weekend long what most recognize as the weekend that marks “the beginning of summer.” ¬†There were barbecues and trips to the beach or the lake. ¬†For some there was a camping trip, or a hike, or some water skiing. ¬†Everyone has his or her holiday weekend traditions. ¬†Some make it a point to acknowledge the real purpose of the weekend, to recognize and honor those who have given their all for our freedoms. ¬†But unless they are taught what this holiday is really all about, children would naturally think it is only for camp outs and cook outs. ¬† Read more

A Quiet Moment of Gratitude


Memorial Day is a day for hot dogs and a swim but let’s not forget what it really is about. ¬†Yes, the people we are remembering are those who have given the ultimate sacrifice….

Read more

Hot Dog It’s Memorial Day

IMG_4096Come Monday, millions of Americans will gather with family and friends to celebrate (and hopefully honor) those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  These celebrations usually, if not always, involve food.  Hot dogs are often the food of choice on this holiday.  So we have a particularly yummy one to share with you today.   Read more

Edible Roses

Who says a healthy breakfast can’t also be beautiful too? ¬† Read more

The Jewish Pacifier

bagel2The Jews are responsible for so many good things.  They are great lawyers and wonderful doctors and generally very smart business people.  And they can make a mean pastrami or corned beef sandwich, or bowl of matzo ball soup.  Now we have yet one more thing to add to  the list of their greatest accomplishments.  The Jewish pacifier. Read more

Laughter Is The Best Medicine


We have heard that laughter relaxes the whole body.  A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxes for up to 45 minutes after.  So, here are some quotes from Sir Winston Churchill who had a great sense of humor: Read more

Words of Wisdom


We are certain that… Read more

Softer Side Of Play Dough

Need (or knead, pun intended) an activity to keep your little ones occupied this weekend? ¬†We’ve got just the ticket! ¬† Read more

Did You Know?

Your Two Chums always love sharing fun facts.  Here are some we feel sure you will get a kick out of! Read more

Hang Them Up

black-and-white-photo-display-pottery-barnHanging things on your walls can be intimidating sometimes, especially when you have a number of things to hang.  But we found a guideline that we think can help.   Read more

Well Done!


This wonderful retired English teacher did a very inspired thing with his students…. Read more

This Was A First!


On this day in 1929 the very first Academy Awards were presented! Read more

A Handed-Down Nickname


A few weeks ago, we reported that Prince George has a very special nickname for his great-grandmother, HM Queen Elizabeth II.  But what we did not know is that this name has been around for ages and ages. Read more

She Stands Tall and Proud

il_570xN.367439912_s0kbWhen seeing this beauty, one immediately thinks of New York, if not the United States of America! Read more

Savvy Secret – The Walnut

Savvy secrets photoWe’ll bet you may have never tried this amazing use of a walnut! ¬† Read more

Honoring Mothers

13118930_10153980818530901_6200248778532117149_n (1)Today, May 10, happens to be Mother’s Day in Mexico. ¬†This past Sunday, the second Sunday of the month, we celebrated Mother’s Day here in America. ¬†Regardless of the date set aside, we think mothers should be celebrated everyday ūüôā Read more

Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte

1024x1024-1A week ago today, May 2nd, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge celebrated her 1st birthday.  Here is how her family and some heads of state from around the world marked the occasion. Read more

Helpful Thoughts


We found a wonderful website called “Higher Perspective” and felt you would enjoy hearing these thought provoking ideas. Read more

Make Breakfast Fun Again

61S9vLYBfNL._SL1200_ (1)Breakfast. ¬†Everyone agrees it is the most important meal of the day. ¬†Why can’t it also be the most fun meal of the day too? Read more

Albert Einstein Says….


Known as one of the world’s most original thinkers of all time, Albert Einstein has helped us progress as a whole. ¬†We thought it would be fun to share some of his thoughts. Read more

Spring Cleaning For Your Locks

It isn’t just your home or office that can benefit from a good Spring cleaning. ¬†Turns out so can your hair. ¬† Read more

Gratitude 101

Even Her Majesty The Queen was taught at an early age the importance of gratitude! Read more

May Day Flower Cake

IMG_3099Sunday is May Day, the 1st day of May, and is traditionally celebrated with flowers. ¬†We have a flower shaped cake for you that should do quite nicely ūüôā Read more

Savvy Secrets – A Potpourri!

Savvy secrets photo

We know that you always love our Savvy Secrets so here are a few from LifeMix.Today to keep you going this week! Read more

The Duchess Slant


No, it is not Catherine’s “slant” on life we are talking about. ¬†It has more to do with the way Her Royal Highness sits. Read more

He Lives On


Over four hundred years after he has left us, his writings continue to effect our lives and terms that he brought into vogue are still being used. Read more

Surprise Pancakes

IMG_3048Made with only 2 simple ingredients, these are gluten free and dairy free.  The surprise is how yummy these pancakes are!   Read more

Stamp It, Gan Gan


In commemoration of the Queen’s 90th birthday,¬† Read more

Happy Passover

114564_pcAs Passover begins tonight at sundown, we wish all of our Jewish Chums…. Read more

Her Majesty The Queen Turns 90!


Celebrations are happening all over Great Britain and beyond today as Queen Elizabeth II marks her 90th birthday! Read more

Savvy Secrets – Make It Icy!

Savvy secrets photo
Want a quick and easy way to make your skin look younger and firmer? ¬†We’ve got that! Read more

Twenty-Four Years Later


Twenty-four years ago, Diana, Princess of Wales, sat in front of the Taj Mahal alone.  It was a poignant photograph speaking of things to very shortly come. Read more

Coffee Anyone?

6a2996b0a1a9aeb4b25d19ec114ed1bfFor many of us the day just can’t begin without a good cup of coffee. ¬† Read more

Savvy Secrets – Paper Clips

FN0ZNR1GU1I4DYR.MEDIUMIt’s tax day, at least here in America. ¬†So unless you have a big refund coming you might be in the market for some clever ways that don’t cost you much, if anything, to make your life a little easier. ¬†We found some for you ūüôā ¬† Read more

What is a Superdelegate?


If you are anything like your Two Chums, you are wondering what, exactly, does the term “superdelegate” mean and how can these particular people influence an election. Read more

India, Here They Come!


Catherine does it again!  A home run, we would say! Read more

Little Blue Apples

Have you seen these before?  You may want to get some for yourself:-)   Read more

Keep On Dancin’!


The tradition was started at a high school in Regina, Saskatchewan by an English teacher 28 years ago.

Read more

Did You Know?

Read more

A Very Savvy Secret

Savvy secrets photoHave you ever struggled to put on a bracelet that is a chain that just keeps slipping off your wrist as you attempt to latch the clasp?   Read more

DIY Taco Seasoning

IMG_2866This is so easy to make yourself and so much cheaper than the packages of taco seasoning sold in the grocery store.   Read more

A Must Read For Girls!

heart cookie -5

For those of you with daughters or grand daughters…. Read more

Well Done!

Read more

Mini Fruit Pies Made Easy

MasonJarLidPiesHeader-750x364We came across this simple and smart way to make up a batch of some mini fruit pies using mason jar lids.  These would be perfect for your next get together or maybe just for your family to enjoy this weekend.   Read more

Food For Thought


Maya Angelou once said, “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.” Read more

Simple Substitutions – Eggs

Eggs-2Ever had one of those times when you are ready to bake something and realize you are out of eggs?  Or maybe you would like to make something that calls for eggs but you, or a family member are allergic to eggs? We have a great substitution for you!   Read more

Teach Your Children Well – 6

Version 2In order to teach our children anything, they have to first know how much we love them.   Read more

Well Done!


In the second grade, this child made a promise to God and he certainly fulfilled it. Read more

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